April 24, 2008

The Penthouse

I live in a bachelor suite on the top floor facing west. Looking out my window I can see the Rocky Mountains. It's not the Taj-Mahal (:P) but I like it :) It has been my home for the last eight years. I never would have imagined living downtown! Sometimes the noise and sirens are loud being right next to a fire station although I am quite comfortable, and I find peace and quiet in the midst of it all. I am blessed to have a place to call home in 'the valley of the Bow.' It is a haven for me.

Here I am at my computer. If I'm not on my computer, I'm out doing stuff like shopping or people watching. lol

Living @ Baker House there is never a dull moment. ♥

to be continued

October 1st, 2009 update @ 11 pm - Ok, well, I have moved to another area of the city with my boyfriend since this blog .

♥ ♥