June 30, 2020

God's Eyes Look Upon Us

For my sketchbook, I thought to paint a starry night sky and attempt to draw a pair of eyes. God's Eyes. I used a brush pen and some watercolours-white, blue, and black. To make the background dark I just rubbed a piece of carbon paper all over a blank sheet of white paper. That is how I got the grey background and then I was able to add white dots for stars lol. don't @me. Just FYI, I'm not that skilled with watercolours nor writing apparently, but with practice and some lessons I know I can get better. This TLIG message struck me in a wonderful and exciting way as I was reading it. It was exciting to me to know that God is alive and looks upon us in this way, as a Father. Everyone who Knows Him loves Him. God is Love. Love is all.

Here is the original TLIG message that I read today: sidenote observation: Jesus means in Matthew 24:42-44 when He will come like a thief in the night, unexpectedly, and surprisingly even to the master of the house! Yes, He is coming very soon and the command 'to stay awake' simply means not to give up hope and expectations of His coming. Amen.

Alone You Are Not 

Vassula, in the stillness of the night, I shall come; the hour is near, alone you are not; the world seems to forget My Presence; I am God, but how many think of Me? very few; 

 (I saw a night filled with stars, still, and beyond those stars God’s Eyes upon us.)  

stay awake, for in this stillness of the night I shall descend, I have laid My plans before I created you little one; I will lift you to Me and show you something;

 rest, beloved, now;