March 31, 2012

A to Z Challenge and the Letter A

Welcome to the April 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge. I've chosen to blog about a popular book that I love every day for the month of April.  I will blog thematically and systematically chapter by chapter from A to Z on this popular book .'The Hunger Games'
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's my first time participating in this challenge so this will be my kick-off post.

I'm going to systematically write about the Hunger Games starting with chapter 1 letter A. The alphabet has 26 letters so it pretty much works out a letter a chapter i.e: letter A ch.1, letter B ch 2 etc...the Hunger Games has 27 chapters. Happy Hunger Games! and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Starting with the letter A Chapter 1: Attendance Is Mandatory for the reaping

Two kids are chosen, a girl and a boy, out of every district in Panem to fight to the death in an Arena.

Ais for Arena 
The arena is like an outdoor 'obstacle course' made up by the game makers. It is located in the Capitol of District 1. They control such things as the weather, making it as cold as they want or as hot as they like and by using such elements of fire, wind and rain it can decrease the chances of survival 100 percent. I hate to say this but it is where the tributes play the game and kill each other.

The Arena changes every year. It was a clock for the 75th Hunger Games Quarter Quell and I preferred it to the first one. I like how we got to know the old victors like everyone's favourite Finnick Odair and Johanna Mason. I also felt the second one had more action and was more exciting for me. You can find it in Catching Fire.

In the 74th game, it was a giant forest with lots of trees lakes and a wheat field. This Arena was filmed in Asheville North Carolina.

The Hunger Games: Behind The Scenes—Arena Locations:

March 24, 2012

Bread and Games

Tonight, all I can do is strap myself in and take tiny bites of the bread. It’s good. It tastes of home. 
I went to see the movie this afternoon thinking all the kids would be in school but I found out that it's spring break already gah! Anyway, I had to wait in line with a crowd of loud teenagers. I wasn't sorry, but the only thing that made it suck was the doors didn't open until 11:30 and my show was playing at twelve o'clock. I got my popcorn and drink and sat down in my favourite spot in the theatre. It wasn't even close to full, most of the kids weren't there for the Hunger Games. I like sitting up high in the last row, and this theatre was comfortable. Anyway, after what seemed like an hour of bullshit previews the movie finally started, and I was like feeling pretty smug and confident.

I didn't feel like it lived up to all the hype, though. I mean sure it was a good movie but I don't know if it was the Capitol Couture, or just the Audience, that turned me off or that there wasn't enough action. It was too fluffy and colourful is what I guess I'm trying to say. I definitely liked the books but the movie was missing a lot, and some things just weren't the same. For example. In the book, Gales first words were  "Hey, Catnip." He was waiting for Katniss in the woods. But, in the movie, he says something like "what are you going to do with it?" He suddenly appears out of nowhere scaring the deer Katniss was about to shoot. I just remember it was a frustrating scene and she responds like "Aww, Gale!" like "Damn you Gale for scaring it away ."

At the same time, the hovercraft appears, but we didn't see the Avox girl so I know those who hadn't read the book would have no idea what it was doing there and why. It was pretty cool, though. Another thing I'd like to point out is there was no sign of any Avox in this movie. For those who don't know what an Avox is it's Latin for someone without a voice. Neither was there a hovercraft that came into the arena to pick up dead tributes corpses. We only heard the cannon shot and the only time a hovercraft came to take someone was with Katniss and Peeta, but even then they didn't show it. Yet it didn't come to pick up Rue or the other guy Katniss killed.
The wolf scene was different too whereas in the book Cato is first seen running from the wolf mutts while Katniss and Peeta are in the field by the cornucopia but in the movie, it is Peeta who gets attacked by the wolf and Katniss, and he starts running for their lives headed towards the cornucopia. They start climbing up the significant structure and find Cato already there. I don't know where Cato came from. That part was a big blur, and the wolves weren't like the ones in New Moon and Eclipse :p

Sometimes the movie was better like Peeta didn't appear all that badly hurt. I was pleasantly surprised about that because the book made him look like he was on his last leg literally and close to death, in fact, he did lose his leg, but I imagined him a lot worse, with sweat running off his face and a high fever from blood poisoning. In the movie, he didn't look wrong, and I thought the camouflage was exquisite. Katniss finds him buried in the mud and screams his name "Peeta!" cause she's so happy to see him lying there in the mud haha. Unfortunately, we don't hear him say "Are you here to finish me off, sweetheart?". It was probably one of the funnier and happier moments for me anyway.

Let's go back when they were on the train. A lot was left out here as well, but I understand now where "That's Mahogany!" comes from. When Katniss stabs the table with the knife Effie yells something like "That's Mahogany!" she didn't say that in the book does she?
We don't even get to see Haymitch vomit or any of the rooms on the train besides the dining car. Instead, Haymitch was a little more ornery and angry in the movie than in the book IMO. What I found strange was how old fashion the dining car looked. It didn't seem very futuristic.
What I appreciated more in the movie was Katniss' dress and their costumes for the parade with the fire. It looked splendid, and I liked how when Katniss asked if she wanted Ceasar Flickerman to see her dress on fire how she twirled around and made her dress catch fire at the bottom of it. That was really nice. Peeta was cute too :D
The first countdown at the beginning at the cornucopia was better than I imagined except Katniss getting into a scuffle with fox face was kind of a blur or was it another girl with the knife? The girl with the sword was the girl Thresh killed with a rock. I hate that girl tribute even more after seeing the movie ugh. I didn't like the Careers anyway, but the film made them out to be more arrogant and unlikeable. Katniss was excellent with the Tracker Jacker nest but why was Caesar Flickerman narrating that shit about the tracker jackers when she was about to unleash them on the sleepy tributes underneath her tree !? I had pictured those bees bigger. I never expected them to be the same size as real bees but the tracker jacker venom gave Katniss some rather odd hallucinations that are for sure. Again Caesar Flickerman ? of all the narrators they gotta pick the interviewer with the blue hair? Ok well, they really did make it look like a Capitol TV production.

What blew me away was the Cornucopia and the Parachute gifts and the loudspeaker voice that could be heard a mile away in the arena. Katniss received some ointment for her burns, some soup for Peeta and in the movie the medicine that was needed wasn't a hypodermic needle or syringe, but some kind of ointment :/ That part was confusing.

Rue was portrayed just like in the book right down to the details. I didn't cry so much in the scene when Rue dies, but you want to know where I cried the most? At the Reaping Lol. It touched me a lot when Katniss volunteered I don't understand why. I like how the movie showed Gale watching the game on TV just when Katniss and Peeta kiss each other in the cave and how the Gamemakers controlled the Arena.

Ok well, that's a wrap.

Book to Movie Differences on the Hunger Games

March 18, 2012

2012 Blogging From A to Z Challenge

I am about to embark on an alphabet journey of sorts. For everyday in April *except sundays* I will blog about something (a theme) that corresponds with the letters of the alphabet from A to Z.

This might look easy but I've participated in other alphabet memes before and I wasn't all that good at it. So to narrow my options down I've come up with a plan.

Since I am a book blogger I figured that by choosing a theme around a favorite book, it would not only make it easier for me but people could better relate to it and it may just be more fun : ) I've chosen to write on..........(The Hunger Games)....

UPDATE: I've changed my mind about keeping it a secret. Since the movie will be coming out in 3 more days I am excited to go see the movie as well :)

My Writing Prompt

I don't have insomnia . I'm directly the opposite. When I get tired I sleep a lot I can doze off at the drop of a hat. I think there is a name for that . hypersomnia? Not good anyway . Sleepitis? lol but honestly , don't you love toddlers who can fall asleep in their highchairs?  But by that time they are in desperate need of a bath and are usually covered with food . yuck

Today's Prompt is to write about Insomnia (which I don't have). I know this is far from 10 to 15 minutes of writing but too bad that's all I got .
This meme is hosted @ writingpromptseveryday. click the link or the image button that I made .

March 8, 2012


Stray (Shifters, #1)Stray by Rachel Vincent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Faythe is a werecat who just wants to kick some werebutt. Well she gets what she asks for when she gets abducted by a rogue Miguel, Go her !

I found her rebellious attitude wearing on my nerves after awhile but hey she was able to protect herself , even though it felt like she was bragging about killing Eric . I mean killing is what all the other male werecats did to protect the Pride , if she took her responsibility in the family she'd know that , instead of running away all the time.

Stray Shifters series by Rachel Vincent
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March 6, 2012

Accidentally Dead

Accidentally Dead (Accidental Friends, #2)Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Nina has a potty mouth and her swearing turns me off . If it weren't for Greg Statleon , the gorgeous hunk of vampire ,with an interesting background, I would have stopped reading it because I couldn't tolerate the way Nina talked , thinking she was tough. So because I liked the Greg character I gave it an ok. He was undoubtedly a good vampire if such a thing existed .

Nina very stubbornly refused to accept she was a vampire after Greg accidentally bit her when he was given some anesthetic at the dentist office where she worked for his chipped tooth.

She didn't want to be a vampire and her immortality was in jeopardy because she could turn to ash if she was unwilling to feed . What a stupid B**** she was! Lucky for her Greg took full responsibility and took care of her needs by supplying her with blood.

When she lost her job and was behind on her rent , he also took care of it because it was his fault she was a vampire . It was the least he could do but again she took it the wrong way. She had trust issues until she found out he would do anything for her.....can they live HEA.. The End.

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March 3, 2012

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

My rating: 1 of 5 stars
This story touched on a few things like green plants for healing and apothecary and child bullying and of the pain of losing someone you love to cancer .
As if these topics needed anymore discussion. I think the author could have done a better job with what he had been left with from Siobhan Dowd. I will say this much; the illustrations of the book are somewhat appealing but not good enough for a child therefore not for me either.

I hated this book! It's the stupidest book I've ever read. It brought tears to my eyes and moved me deeply, but that didn't mean the book was  good.

I thought about what I would feel and what it would be like if my own mother passed away. Would I be able to speak the truth; would I be able to hold on to her tight like that stupid and stubborn little boy Conor did (he was willing to die instead of telling the truth OMG ! how stubborn can you be?) with his own mother who lay dying?

Conor was finally able to let his Mum go by holding on to her . ya makes a lot of sense hey? Just like all the other stories the monster tells. They are the truth after all, and truth is often more bizarre, ya I get it.It is from personal experience that truth is often harder to tell then lies are, I know. Most people run away and can't handle the pain and grief over life's tragic events instead of honestly facing them.

We don't even know if she(the mother) had cancer! What did she even die of anyway? Although we can safely speculate it was a type of cancer because her hair was falling out and such UGH!!! At least Conor had his grandma to take care of him.

Is this monster supposed to be the little boy's fears? Who cares about a stupid Yew tree anyway?? I apparently didn't care much for this novel.

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March 1, 2012

Follow My Book Blog Friday

Q: What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones starring Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins as Jace Wayland and Clary Fray.

Love Actually

"I just want to lie down with you and wake up with you, just once, just once ever in my life. It’s just this one night. In the grand scheme of things, how much can this one night matter?”— Jace, City of Glass

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
We ended Eclipse with Bella finally accepting Edward's proposal. I haven't reviewed Eclipse yet because I've not read it. However, I've seen the movie, and it was as fantastic as the rest of the story IMO.

Breaking Dawn pt 1 is all about the wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan and their honeymoon . The whole time you couldn't help but think about the agreement Edward had made with her to turn her into a vampire .

Breaking Dawn is two books in one. Part 1 the movie just came out in November 2011 where we are left with a very pregnant Bella who is on the verge of dying but delivers a half human-half vampire baby.

It was never believed possible for vampires to conceive a child and research proves tough because very little is known about it happening except....... well.... when Alice disappears for most of Part 2 shall we say? She is off looking for any clue or evidence of anything that could vindicate their precious little baby they called Renesmee Carrie Cullen because Alice had a vision and everyone panicked, and drama ensued at the Cullen residence.

....Meanwhile... the Volturi are after the Cullen's for thinking they have broken vampire Law. It was falsely reported that the Cullen's had a new immortal in their company.

Jacob O Jacob! I do not feel sorry for him because he still fits into the picture better than I had expected. In Part I, we are made to understand more about his kind and how they imprint on people. Of course, they are not children of the moon we call werewolves, but they are shapeshifters. They cannot bite people that allow another monster to be created. He is drawn to Renesmee like something was pulling him and the ties were so strong. More Durable than strings; more like steel cables. This force causes him to Imprint on her. Imprinting is like becoming soulmates or parabatais. I imagine Renesmee will be well protected and this makes me euphoric.

Will it be a happily ever after? Or will it end in an all-out battle to the death.....

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February Reading Recap riˈko͞op

The first book I read was the Snowman by Jo Nesbo followed by Cinder by Marissa Meyer but I never expected what happened in the early evening on Saturday Feb. 4th ....
I went to the hospital in an ambulance after I called 911 complaining of pain shooting down my arms that left me breathless and nauseous.

My blood pressure was super high and there was indication that I had had a mild heart attack from the cardiac enzyme in the blood they took.

I spent the next 5 hours in emergency with the doctors trying to get my blood pressure lowered with medication and nitroglycerin spray . After the doctor deliberated and wrote some things down and asked all the questions he needed to ask me I was admitted into hospital in CCU - the coronary care unit.

I was hooked up to the heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs and IV's and an oxygen tube coming out of my nose . They took good care of me and scheduled various tests such as an ECG and an MRI and an angioplasty. Luckily I was still able to get up to pee but that was all I could do . I was in hospital for a week .

Fortunately I had ordered 3 books that finally came in the mail . I enjoyed Paranormalcy by Kiersten White while in hospital but then they sent me home with some prescription medication I am supposed to take . I also quit smoking yay. When I got home I was dying to read Masquerade by Cambria Hebert and then I read Supernaturally by Kiersten White
These are the next books I finished reading in order...

= Ten Books In Total !
My favorite was Cinder by far and Entice was my least favorite .