March 1, 2012

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
We ended Eclipse with Bella finally accepting Edward's proposal. I haven't reviewed Eclipse yet because I've not read it. However, I've seen the movie, and it was as fantastic as the rest of the story IMO.

Breaking Dawn pt 1 is all about the wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan and their honeymoon . The whole time you couldn't help but think about the agreement Edward had made with her to turn her into a vampire .

Breaking Dawn is two books in one. Part 1 the movie just came out in November 2011 where we are left with a very pregnant Bella who is on the verge of dying but delivers a half human-half vampire baby.

It was never believed possible for vampires to conceive a child and research proves tough because very little is known about it happening except....... well.... when Alice disappears for most of Part 2 shall we say? She is off looking for any clue or evidence of anything that could vindicate their precious little baby they called Renesmee Carrie Cullen because Alice had a vision and everyone panicked, and drama ensued at the Cullen residence.

....Meanwhile... the Volturi are after the Cullen's for thinking they have broken vampire Law. It was falsely reported that the Cullen's had a new immortal in their company.

Jacob O Jacob! I do not feel sorry for him because he still fits into the picture better than I had expected. In Part I, we are made to understand more about his kind and how they imprint on people. Of course, they are not children of the moon we call werewolves, but they are shapeshifters. They cannot bite people that allow another monster to be created. He is drawn to Renesmee like something was pulling him and the ties were so strong. More Durable than strings; more like steel cables. This force causes him to Imprint on her. Imprinting is like becoming soulmates or parabatais. I imagine Renesmee will be well protected and this makes me euphoric.

Will it be a happily ever after? Or will it end in an all-out battle to the death.....

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  1. Glad you are still enjoying these!!

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  2. Thanks Shelleyrae! I love the Twilight Saga!


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