April 28, 2011

The Bow Tower

The circled building is
where I used to live
Calgary has a new skyscraper called The Bow . I lived downtown when they started construction on it 4 years ago and it's a massive 775 feet that covers the majority of two city blocks. It's the tallest building in Canada outside Toronto.
massive hole for the future Bow Tower

I took a picture from my apartment window when it was just a hole in the ground and unfortunately it was going to cut out my tiny view I had of the mountains. I'd rather see the mountains from afar then skyscrapers that are billboards . Anyway, the tower is made of steel. While I don't find it beautiful , it is visually interesting , like most buildings .

April 27, 2011

Princess Kate Paper Doll

I always loved paper dolls when I was a little girl . Now you can download and print out Princess Kate on cardstock  @ disney family.com ; comes with gowns and gloves and a Tiara

April 24, 2011

Easter Chocolate Rules

Easter has more chocolate so I'd rather not give that up :) I'm more of a chocolate fan. But otherwise I would miss the candy kisses and the caramels but that's about it really .

I'm on the right path

My faith helps me to stay healthy . I got rid of all my medication about 25 years ago and I've never had to look back .

food for our detox
I am now learning to eat raw food ; which means fruits and vegetables and leafy green plants and herbs and nuts and seeds... in their natural state without heating the food above 115 degrees fahrenheit. I believe this is the key to optimal health.

It started with doing the Master cleanse about 20 years ago . If anything it helped me to think about what I put in my mouth and admitingly I don't always listen to my body; which knows what is good and what isn't , but that is how this whole health journey started and I am far from healthy right now. I am about 40 lbs overweight and I don't exercise regularly if at all .

I would say that physical exercise is important to staying heart healthy . I've been trying to cure up my acne internally with raw foods and externally by using bentonite clay , tea trea oil and aloe vera face soap but so far I haven't been able to. So there you go

Plinky Prompt What do you do to stay healthy?

April 23, 2011

Have a Joyous Easter !

Easter Cards

Papa, Call Home!

Speaking of the Pope ....: "From THE ASSOCIATED PRESS : Pope Benedict XVI will be in satellite contact with two Italian astronauts aboard the International Space Station in what would be the first papal call to space. The Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano reported Friday that the hookup will happen on May 4 after shuttle Endeavour docks with the station. Liftoff is set for next Friday."

April 22, 2011

Good Friday Blues

I must keep myself from busting up . I don't know about you. I imagine come Sunday this will all change.

What my city is known for

The City of Calgary is known for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth , 10 days of Stampede rodeo and bucking cowboys, full of yahoos and yeehaws .

The city celebrates with flapjacks and bacon and hayrides and lots of free entertainment and food everywhere . It starts off with the Stampede Parade filled with horses and lively floats and ponies and every evening there is a grandstand show following the Chuckwagon races with fireworks to end off the night . The Stampede grounds hosts lots of Midway Rides and edible things . It has an Indian Village with real TeePees and if you never had Bannick before this is where you can get it . Yumm

A Fennec Fox

St. Antony of the Desert's Advice

I had acquired St. Antony of the desert for a patron saint in 2011 through  Saints Name Generator. He is the patronage against skin diseases among other things.

It has been an amazing influence and awareness so far. I hope to continue seeking  St. Antony's Advice; he says 'to not be led astray by the feasting of the stomach.'(as it is written in Proverbs)  I must admit the one word I chose to improve on this year was 'Health'.  I started the year off with a master cleanse for 10 days and started eating raw food which has been somewhat challenging.

I love eating raw fruits and vegetables .  I enjoy a green smoothie everyday. I hope I can continue eating this way and learn about the health benefits of different foods. I count it all a blessing.

He also says : to trust in the Lord, and love Him, so as to keep yourself from bad thoughts and bodily pleasures, and to flee vainglory: Is that the same as worldly pursuits? I could be wrong and I hope I understand this correctly. Whatever the vanity of vanities and all is vanity means in ecclesiastes . I also have to work harder in the area of prayer ; to pray always, to sing psalms before sleeping and after, to repeat by heart the commandments of the Scriptures and to remember the deeds of the Saints, that by their example the soul may train itself under the guidance of the Commandments. I should get into studying the word of God everyday but I fail to do that as it takes me about an hour just to get into it.

Thank you St. Antony and I pray you help me find my purpose in life to the greater Glory of God. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

April 21, 2011

Holy Week and The Crucifix

3 Things I Have No Patience For

Being ignored is one thing I hate. Especially by a teacher or law enforcement officer or those in higher positions. I will react unreasonable when they do finally get to me .

Strangers who never say hello or don't talk to you and don't give a damn of respect to anyone, tend to make me angry; who think they are above and better than thou.

Drunk people are just irritating and disgraceful and make me nervous and I normally don't like being around someone who is drinking .

This was hard but it was equally hard reading everyone else's plinky today. My plinky might have not made sense but oh well, it is how I felt in certain situations so I am speaking from experience.

April 20, 2011


I never knew that sneezing was an early symptom of the plague, nor did I know this nursery rhyme was about the plague:

Ring a ring a roses,
a pocket full of posies.
Atishoo, atishoo,
we all fall down

I am participating in Alphabe Thursday about the letter "A"

Study Hard

Study Hall Trash Can 2
I never liked school, but I would like to take some computer course or perhaps something more along the lines of me getting a job working in a pharmacy . I don't even have grade 12 but having gone to an English boarding school in Spain, it taught me to study hard . I can remember our house parents use to always say "Study Hall Time!" We had study hall for 3 hours in the evening .

Cheerios® Author Contest

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Terra from Sitting on an Oak is hosting this contest and a giveaway. To enter to win a prize pack and a big box of Cheerios visit Terras blog and leave a comment .

April 18, 2011

My Holy Week Agenda

....I must remember this weeks reconciliation is on Wednesday from 3-5 pm at Holy Name Parish. There will be several priests to hear confession AND the outdoor Way of The Cross on Good Friday starting and ending at St. Mary's Cathedral downtown beginning at 9:30 am.
Outdoor way of the cross

I made it to mass on Palm Sunday . As I was finishing praying the rosary , I saw this cute little girl in front of me was staring at my rosary. It was dangling in front of her and she showed me her palm branch that was made into a cross. I was jealous of her palm branch :( (not really ) but mine was just a straight boring palm leaf . I found out after the service , that the church had a whole basket full of palm leaves already made into cross shapes! Well, I exchanged my measly ole boring palm leaf for the cross shaped one . Needless to say I was happy about that; it was like the highlight of my day . UPDATE: click for invaluable instructions to making your own Palm Cross

I'd felt disconnected from the Church community since my parents divorced about 30 years ago . I hope that changes and I become a regular contributing member of society because I really want to feel like I belong in Church and not just a useless member. I need to better discipline myself .

It also snowed quite a bit today . Anyway , I am really eager to learn more about Online business systems and Herbalife . I hope I can make all the necessary life changes to succeed in this business and make it a career . I'm excited, but for now I need patience and discipline and to attend weekly mass or maybe even daily mass -[Written in my daily Journal entry at OhLife ]

My Most Memorable Birthday

rose petal on stone stairs I don't celebrate birthdays that much . The only memorable one that I can remember is when I turned 40 . A friend of mine was staying at my place and he told me he was going to do something special for me and it turned out, it was . I was really touched by the rose petals on the floor and the chocolate cake he made .

At that time I was going to church every day and since I knew there was going to be cake , I thought of inviting a few people to come to my house for cake after mass. Yes, I am catholic and I got to know a few regular members who prayed the rosary every day and I knew I could count on them to celebrate my birthday with me . What I never expected was my friend had decorated my apartment by strewing rose petals on the floor lol Talk about the royal treatment!

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday spent with friends, good food and most importantly Jesus was there :)

April 17, 2011

Baby Boom Bam Smoothie

Watch out Emeril Lagasse this smoothies gotta little 'Bam' Boom to it .Watch 12 year old Galina show you how to make a delicious and healthy smoothie

April 15, 2011

Busy Tomorrow

...I've been busy making some changes in my life .  Tomorrow I am going to attend a mini business training session with Corey Reynolds. I hope the weather doesn't dampen my spirit. I can't even tell you what it's about yet but I know it's partnered with Herbalife somehow. I am certain that everyone has heard of that company but the deal is that Online Business Systems is supposed to help you succeed .  Hopefully I'll have some positive thoughts about it . I am also writing a journal entry every day http://ohlife.com/r/yc7a7d5.

Bye for now .

April 13, 2011

Alphabet Soup

Last week we finished off with the letter Z on our journey through the Alphabet and Jenny Matlock is committed to starting over again next week. Since I don't know if I will be playing along , I decided to share this AtoZ meme in attempt to give you a little more about me . If you would like to play please copy and paste it with your own answers in a blog post, k thanks. I got the idea from Tammy's Two Cents

A. Age: I am 46! I feel like a spring chicken

B. Bed size: Queen...it's a memory foam mattress!

C. Chore you dislike: Dishes.... I don't have a dishwasher :(

D. Dogs: Nope , I don't have any pets

E. Essential start to your day: Green Smoothies !

F. Favorite color: most Greens

G. Gold or silver: the color silver looks better on me :)

H. Height: 5' 6"

I. Instruments you play(ed): I played 1st Trombone in school and I can strum a few chords on the guitar

J. Job title: Daughter, sister, friend.....

K. Kids: It's a tough question to answer and I cringe everytime because I have 7 children but they don't live with me and I haven't seen them in over 11 years .

L. Live: Calgary, Alberta!

M. Mom’s name: Annette

N. Nicknames: Jacky Wacky

O. Overnight hospital stays: Yes , I've even lived in hospital .

P. Pet peeves: opiniated people, alcohol and noisy neighbours

Q. Quote from a movie: I like this one "~ Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.~

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: Three sisters and Two brothers

T. Time you wake up: Anytime I feel like it

U. Underwear: the sexier kind! Not thongs though

V. Vegetables you don’t like: Arugala

W. What makes you run late: Procrastination

X. X-rays you’ve had: chest, heart, teeth, ultrasound

Y. Yummy food you make: banana ice cream

Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: Ones that usually play a lot , which would probably be the Otter

Jenny Matlock

April 11, 2011

OhLife - a daily journal

Write a journal entry every day by email using this awesome new website called OhLife . It sends you an email asking "How was your day" and you simply write whatever you want . It can be as short or as long as you like and all you do is hit reply and it will post on your daily OhLife journal . You must sign up right now, It's free and it's so cool . The website is very sleek and clean looking and now you can even add a picture along with your entry . If you made some mistakes you can edit your text on site. What more can you ask for?
When you've written many entries, you can have them printed out . Isn't that great ?! Check it out http://ohlife.com/r/yc7a7d5

Here is how my first entry today looks like :

I'm sorry , only I can see my OhLife journal entry but if you want to keep a journal online like this sign up for it . 

Here is what I wrote : 
Sunday April 10,
After some procrastinating , I made the right decision and went to Church. Mass began at 11 am and it usually takes me a half an hour to walk so I left the house about 10:30 . The weather was gorgeous and a little breezy , my hands were cold but it was a nice day . I also , while I walked, prayed a few decades of the rosary . As I got closer to the church I pulled the rosary out so I could finish it in church . I came in , genuflected, noticed there was a whole pew for myself , not crowded yet, and was on the Nativity so I centered myself , relaxed and silently finished praying the rosary . The band was practicing, ugh, I don't like all the noise but what can I do? Soon more people came in and two lovely ladies , I'm sure, sat down in the pew in front of mine . I had to close my eyes so as not to get too distracted with all the noise. I managed to finish my rosary as soon as the announcer began to speak .
The gospel reading was about the raising of Lazarus and the first and second readings related to it . Jesus will raise the dead from our graves when he comes again . It refers to the spiritually dead too . Anyway Fr. Myles Gaffney presided and I , as usual, couldn't take communion so I went up for a blessing instead . I will try harder to go to confession next week . I always feel a ton better after going to Church . After mass , I went to Tim Horton's for an Ice Cap and a sour glazed doughnut.

April 10, 2011

Win Kristen's set of Raw Ebooks!

I'm quite sure if you ask any raw foodist they would tell you their most cherished possession is a good blender. Green smoothies are the next best thing to mothers milk and anyone who is trying to eat raw food needs to know how to sustain themselves on a diet that consists of raw fruits and vegetables , nuts and seeds.

Sure you can eat fruit in all their natural form as well as most vegetables and salad greens, but to enjoy different texture to your food and to get the most vitamins and nutrients available in a quick and easy way is by consuming them in a liquid fashion. Most green smoothies consist of green leafy vegetables , such as Kale, spinach, collard greens, swiss chard, a variety of lettuces, wheatgrass, and even dandelion greens. Along with
one or two variety of fruits including bananas, pineapple, canteloupe, strawberries, mangos, coconut etc. with a cup or two of water. You can always try using almond milk instead of water to give it a more smoother consistency and a better taste, and almond milk is easy to make with a good blender .

So, if you want to learn more about how you can make amazing green smoothies then allow me to recommend Kristen's Raw smoothie E-book.

You can win Kristen's Raw 12 pack set of E-books for free. All you have to do is enter her giveaway by visiting this link 

April 9, 2011

This is an Important Message

If you had your own television show, what would it be about?
Kill Your T.V., Friends Are Forever
It would be about how tv is bullshit , cause it's all it ever is . It would be about learning how to read and write and think, without being brainwashed by television. I don't learn anything by watching TV and it is a waste of time. Television is not reality, neither is reality tv . It would be about how television is stealing the lives of our children. It's a thief of love. If I wanted a reality tv show I'd go outside . I don't live in a virtual world . I live in the real world where real stuff happens all the time .

It would be about how to get rid of it by simply turning it off . I hope I make a fortune :p


They tell me that my savior's on TV
(Unrelenting de-evolving)
Just a wasteland of emptiness to me
(Until I broke it open)

But I've seen what
They just don't want anyone to see
Just keep all your eyes shut to the disease
And take away everything you believe

I'm sick of waiting for all you to realize
(Your ignorant passions)
My hatred for you is shown for you to despise
(I think I'm gaining something)

But I've seen what
They just don't want anyone to see
Just keep all your eyes shut to the disease
And take away everything you believe

So lead on...unrelenting
Lead on... don't accept it
Lead on... understand me
Lead on...

Your view is being shaped by the media..
Their goal is to convince the majority that the individual is immoral and dangerous.
The thing they fear most is individuality.
A free thinking individual poses a threat to their system.

But I've seen what
They just don't want anyone to see
Just keep all your eyes shut to the disease
And take away everything you believe

April 8, 2011

The Seeder

The video 
I am a family heirloom . I sit around getting old and have to dust myself off every now and then . I am the seeder . I lived in an old antique shop in Algiers. I am so ancient I don't remember where I came from before Mr. Briere came by and scooped me up . I had an accident and broke my hand but since he loved me so much he healed me and I can throw seed around again. I am brass and other than being unpolished I am handsome and debonnaire .

I want to live with whoever will take me in cause I don't think my owner will be around forever .
me : "I will"
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April 6, 2011

A Place Called Zeralda

Zeralda is on the northern tip of Algiers, along the Mediterranean coast.

We lived in the tourist center about 2 km from the town of Zeralda, Algiers. It was a place where Americans and Canadians working overseas lived with their families . My dad worked for Westburne International Drilling. We were foreigners but we quickly adapted, but never able to drink the water . Our water was always bottled in what was known as Saïda. Our favorite soda was Fanta .

The town was developed around tourists, but it remains an agricultural area. There are two hotels in that area now but I only remember Les Sable D'hors (golden sands). We were one of the first to use its facilities and be featured in a tourist magazine. A photographer got our permission to take pictures of us swimming in the pool. Zeralda has undoubtedly changed a lot and it would NOT be recognizable today . I see pictures of even a waterslide where the sand dunes use to be! check out the pic below! I couldn't believe it but I was very happy to find this map! Our house was the biggest villa on the corner as soon as you came through the gates . ya it has totally changed. Read more about Our Villa 

"I kid you not "
According to certain historians, the name, Zeralda, came about when a man of worship called Mohamed Zeradli discovered Zeralda in 1844. We lived there for 2 years , then moved to Club des Pins and then Moretti .
club des pins
We had a maid; her name was Zorah. She was my moms favorite because she did her job well and she could be trusted from stealing unlike our first maid who was fired. I liked Zorah, even though she was an elderly lady she was very generous and funny . Her daughter, Fisah, made us lunch everyday when we went to school in Bou-Ismail. We walked to her house for lunch. She ate coffee beans; she called them cacao. We always enjoyed our lunch because it was so good , especially Chorba. Chorba (pronounced Shorba) is an Arabic word meaning soup but the recipe varies from country to country. Try Algerian Chorba. We never liked lamb but you can use other meats. We also ate Shakshuka

Bou Ismail photos by Guitahmed
I have fond memories of Zeralda; living so close to the mediterranean , the sound of the sea crashing to shore , the beautiful sunsets, good ice cream, noisy crickets at night always stopped silent right after the sunset as if respecting our sleep. I miss the croaking sound of frogs and small lizards and beetles leaving behind their tracks in the sand . But all this would have been so useful if only my mother would have homeschooled us ! *zut alors!* translated "shucks". It would have been so interesting to learn about all the creatures around us *sigh*

I remember learning about the jellyfish in biology. There were a lot of jellyfish in the sea but I don't remember being stung at all just sea weed stinging . It was this type of jellyfish called vellella ; that we usually saw and they looked like little blue boats washed ashore . This would have been a good V word btw .

By-the-wind sailors 
We had a small lizard we called Waldo in club des pins. It never bothered anyone and was actually pretty cute ; it ate daddy long legged spiders. We spent a lot of time playing in the sand dunes near our house in Zeralda . It was in that environment where we could have studied frogs and lizards and beetles and bloodsuckers because there was a swamp that ran out into the sea. Obviously that is where the croaking noises came from but unfortunately it has all been built upon.

It didn't take us long to know how to swim before we were swimming like fish . The only lesson I ever had , was getting thrown into the deep end of the pool with one or two buoys on my waist . I swallowed a lot of water but I swam so hard that I was a natural dog paddler without realizing I was treading water . That is how I learnt how to swim.

If you ever wanted to know where my sister and I were , we were always at the beach or gone swimming at the pool . We lived in our bathing suits all summer long. The worst part about the beach was getting sand in our bathing suit. Because we didn't have an outdoor shower , we found it was really easy to get the sand off by using the garden hose so as to NOT track sand in the house. It was so much fun being a kid . We always had a good nights sleep after being out in the sunshine all day We were fairly tanned like the Arabs too.

I remember the front sidewalk of our house was made of very sharp gravel and tar and it was always a good idea to wear our thongs ; flip-flops, sandals , jeesh. However, we built callouses on our feet by walking barefoot. In the hot summer months, the sand on the beach was so hot , we had to make a mad dash towards the water so our feet wouldn't burn.

Sidi Ferruch- photos by guitahmed
One weekend I remember my dad and I went for a long walk along the beach to Sidi Ferruch . It took about an hour or two to walk from our place . He liked to pick seashells and it would have not taken so long if he didn't walk so slow, besides, there weren't many seashells around only shiny rocks and lots of seaweed. I would love to go back there someday. I think Zeralda is a wonderful place to live.

Sidi Ferruch is a coastal town in Algiers . It is located within the territory of the municipality of Staouéli, on a presque-isle on the Mediterranean Sea very close to Zeralda.

Sidi Ferruch was the landing spot where the French established their beachhead for the Invasion of Algiers in 1830. A number of ships of the French Navy were subsequently named Sidi Ferruch in honour of the event.
-from wikipedia

If I could go back there I would ride a horse on the beach and rent some paddleboats and go snorkling. My oldest brother did this with his girlfriend .There was a disco at night, the Dishra, which was a lot of fun for him I'm sure. Sometimes there was a movie playing in the cinema .We went to see "A Man Called Horse". It was an outdoor theater. In a tent called La Khaima, belly dancers performed. Zeralda also had horse stables . That was pretty fun .

I remember walking to the town of Zeralda once. My sister made us walk to church :( She didn't like our babysitter and it was just her excuse to get out of the house. Our babysitter was very boring but she didn't bother us . She was a very pretty finnish lady who stayed with us while my parents went to Switzerland for my oldest brother and sisters graduation.

A Caleche is basically a horse and buggy ride. They weren't always available, but certainly a treat when we got to ride into town on a Caleche . I have so many wonderful memories of Zeralda but this post is long enough and you will probably end up doing this zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Le Chenoua - photos by guitahmed

Algiers is also the place where the famous Poet Albert Camus lived. The french schools always made us memorize poems in school and we had to recite it in front of the class . It was part of our grade assignment. One of them was Le Chenoua by Albert Camus .We actually could see it from Zeralda. I could probably recite the first sentences off by heart in french but here is the first sentences translated to English:
I wanted to review the Chenoua, this heavy, solid mountain, cut from a single block, along the Bay of Tipasa west, easing herself into the sea ....

The first president of the independent Algiers was Houari Boumedienne. We were told we had to leave our house in Club des Pins because Fidel Castro needed it for his important political conference in the palais de nation of 1973.

This is how I will always remember Zeralda.

This has been an Alphabe Thursday post and the letter → → → → →

April 5, 2011

My Recent Splurge

The last thing I bought for myself was a cute looking cropped style Go:2 pair of jeans at Wal-Mart . I wasn't planning on buying anything but as I was looking around in the womens clothing department , the jeans were the last ones in my size so I tried them on and they fit so good . They were only $18 but it's not easy shopping for me .

I also spent $70 at Safeway for hardly nothing at all . Call it splurging but I call it ridiculous.

April 3, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Hi, Welcome to my party post ! My adventures online at the moment are learning to eat raw food, plinky prompts, participating in blogging memes etc...I follow all the raw food blogs that I can find, and some catholic bloggers .

I started off with a blog title I was never too happy with. I still haven't found the perfect title, nor a template. I use to call it "The Way of the Upright is a Highway" My older readers should remember that. In the catholic moms blogroll and in saint blogs parish that is what I am listed under.

My blog is just a fun outlet where I get to interact with other people online. I have a word press blog that I made strictly for plinky prompts but I like to share it on twitter and blogger too . I am interested in learning how to write more . It's hard but with plinky , I finally found something that truly inspires me .

I've come a long way since April 2008. I've also changed my blog more than I can count. I'm involved in a few different memes that aren't too challenging. I like to have fun mostly. I was a regular on the my space religion forum for over 4 years and I've come to learn a lot about my faith through social media. I know its not the best scenario but I never had the privilege to learn my catechism in a class. I love sharing my catholic faith.

I started my own meme "Catholicism 101" but I wasn't getting any participation so it's left sitting on pause. I am wondering if I have enough persistence and drive . The one word that I chose for 2011 is 'Health'. I began detoxing on the master cleanse and I drink green smoothies everyday now. I also am trying to heal my acne.

It has been two days since I've had a cigarette because I am quitting for the umpteenth time :/ Now is probably a good time to start exercising regularly .

Okay enough about me . I would really like to get to know YOU! Thanks for visiting.

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

April 2, 2011

April Fools is Stupid

Todays plinky prompt is : Did you pull any pranks on April 1st? Did you fall for any? See any funny pranks online?

No. I find it to be the most stupid idiotic holiday there ever was and whoever participates in it is just as stupid . I hate it .

The only thing good about it is that Atheists can say they truly have their own holiday to celebrate now . click here As it were , a judge , proclaimed April Fools an Atheist holiday . "The fool says in his heart , there is no God" Psalm 14:1 .
There you go .

The day is totally diabolical imo .

April 1, 2011

My High School Reunion

Bishop Grandin 
Dear Bishop Grandin ,

I won't be attending your high school reunion .You kicked me out remember? I never threw a pencil across the room like the beauty culture teacher said I did but you told my dad I was being unruly.

A former x-student