December 31, 2010

Catholicism 101~ Happy New Year!

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Welcome to Catholicism 101 and Happy New Year !
I would like to invite everyone to share something about their catholic faith . It is a place where we can jot down our notes on dogma and doctrine, but also any little thing that helps clarify the intricacies and rich history of our faith. It can be your favorite quote - anything related to catholicism. It can be something you heard that cleared up some theological trouble you had, whatever you'd like .

You will have all week to think of something as I will post it sometime Friday evening and it will stay live until the following Thursday or Friday.

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My favorite 2010 Blog posts

 Submit Not to Allah. Yes I'm against Islamization of christian nations. I saw someones myspace signature today that said
"When I swear in Muslim, I always say MuhamMAD" *Lulz
This 'Raw Food vs Fast Food' was a big inspiration for me to want to live a raw food lifestyle . I watched all of the supersize me videos by Morgan Spurlock and Jenna Norwoods Supercharge Me videos. She is awesome . The other guy , Markus, Rothkranz , is just super cute and sexy and I'd go raw for him *swoons* lol

I don't usually make resolutions but I am going to continue to add more greens in my diet by drinking green smoothies , and hope to live healthier in 2011. I know I probably will fall off the bandwagon , now and again , but that is why we need a lot of support and being a member of the awesome rawsome meetup is how I intend to stay connected or plugged in .

This was my favorite 101 wednesday post . "Brothers" of Jesus?  *sigh* It was fun

We witnessed the medias lambast of the priest scandals and the rise in muslim anger over everybody draw mohammed day.
I posted a documentary about Fr.Oliver O'Grady a pedophile priest.

This was in memory of a regular forum myspace member . Today Ron aka squarecircle killed himself. In one of his threads , which has since been deleted, he said "this is it. if i reply after this post... i failed." - RIP squarecircle 3.5 There was a dedication thread but the moderators shut it down or deleted it too. So sad.

That co-habitation impedes marriage was clear and I had a decision to make because heaven is worth more to me than anything and anyone, so Phil moved out in October this year. God bless his heart ♥

The only post I made was this video . Mary in a nutshell . Beautiful and inspiring.

I confessed to having been involved in multi-level marketing. Because I never made a dime in MLM I also put a donation button up but decided against it . I do support catholic bloggers from time to time , just not regularly , because there are so many . I should probably think about donating $$ every month to some random catholic blogger. Wouldn't that be fun? Do you think I should put up a paypal button? I hardly get comments for heaven's sakes much less anyone's charity although I don't mind being a charity case :p. I like winning contests . I've won a few things since I put up a blog . Recently I won a 6 month membership to menu of the and a book that is in the mail . I can't wait to see it !

The highlight of this month was the Popes visit to London and the beatification of John Henri Newman.
I stayed up watching it all live on the internet . Alphabe Thursday also started again with the letter A for airplane arriving at the airport but my favorite and fun blog post this month was about Tammi of Nazareth LOL "Before the Bra was Invented" It was for alphabe thursday and the letter B

Halloween was fun . I loved my halloween template and watched the movie Trick'r'treat for the first time. The cryptkeepers halloween blogs made it fun too.

I started a meme called Catholicism 101 and for me it's kind of scary to be a leader so 'Let's be like these Geese' I had more fun when I was a participant in 101 wednesdays which is where the idea came from. I'm disappointed so far hardly anyone is participating . I don't know if I should continue . should I?

I got a new printer before Christmas and I love it . Don't forget the USB cables !
Anyway .....-Ellen Degeneres. 

I'm linked to Alphabe Thursday New Years edition. A meme where you get to meet other fabulous bloggers. *sighs

Jenny Matlock

December 28, 2010

Angel in the Waters

Sophia Institute Press is giving away free copies of Angel in the Waters, the beautiful pro-life children's book that has already sold over 100,000 copies.

click on the picture to read it for free.

... "Stunning in simplicity and beauty"

Christ asked the Pharisees, "Is it lawful to save life, or to destroy it?'
But they held their peace." Mark 3:4

Will you ... too?

December 27, 2010

Something to think and pray about this week

brought to you by Sacred Space

If Jesus were to appear in our world, he would be born unnoticed, to a good, struggling family in Ecuador, Uzbekistan or some place usually out of the news. People would be puzzled, "Where is that place?" He would not be on television, nor would he occupy a centre of power or wealth. He would be pushed around, slandered and criticised. He would speak simple truths and some would listen to him and recognise the voice of God. The good news would spread slowly, as it did two thousand years ago. It would graft onto whatever was good in the world. The brokers of power and wealth would not notice it, nor offer their sponsorship. The happy irony of today is that after the first two thousand years, the good news is so widespread that, whether they know it or not, the whole human race is richer for Jesus' birthday.

Here's something else to think about:
God has often forgiven sinners, but He never forgives sin. - Arthur Pink

Choose your Saint for 2011!

Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary created a Saints Name Generator . I think it is very useful .You can use it to choose a saint's name at random and perhaps get to know more about him/her for the next year as well as make him/her your "holy protector". Apparently there is a custom/devotion of choosing a saint for the year It also gives you more information about that particular saint .

I also heard about the idea on  Mary TV . Only they list off a bunch of saints and you are supposed to just pick one . If you are indecisive like me ,it can be too hard to choose one.

saint Anthony the Abbot
The Saint it chose for me was St. Anthony the Abbot .
Feast: January 17
Patronage: Against Skin Diseases; Amputees; Animals; Butchers; Domestic Animals; Epileptics; Graveyards; Hermits; Monks

I've never heard of him before , but from what I read , he's very cool. He lived to be about 105 years old! He would be someone that I would've liked to meet in real life most definitely . His feast day is also coming up very soon . Here's a bit more about him :

Saint Antony (251-356), the Patriarch of all monks was born at Coma in upper Egypt, at the age of twenty he gave away his property which was considerable, to the poor and lived as a hermit near his native place. About the year 305 he established a community at Fayum and another shortly after at Pispir. Thus he was the first to establish the religious life as we know it today, by gathering together large groups of hermits into loose communities. Soon he became famous throughout Egypt and beyond, and was in great demand as an advisor by people of every rank. He was a personal friend of Saint Athanasius and his staunch supporter against the Arians, whom he arraigned as heretics in a public sermon preached at Alexandria at the invitation of Athanasius, when he was ninety years old. Athanasius himself became St. Antony's biographer. St Antony died in his hermitage on Mt. Kolzim, near the Red Sea. In art he is frequently shown with a T-shaped cross and a pig. The latter, perhaps originally the symbol of evil, became associated with a privilege of the Hospital Brothers of St. Antony founded in the 17th century. St Antony's fire was apparently and epidemic form of erysipelas against which the saint's intercession was invoked.

click to go to fisheaters
St. Antony Pray For Us!

Catholicism 101

December 25, 2010

A Raw Recipe

Banana Pancakes

By Shayla Roberts

This one takes a little planning because they are dehydrated.  However, it is SO worth the can make HUGE batches of pancakes to use up those "over-ripe" bargain bananas!


2 cups flax seeds, whole, soaked for a few hours
3-4 (or more) bananas
1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup liquid sweetner of your choice (I choose agave)
Juice of 1 lemon


Process the heck out of this in a food processor, drop by the tablespoonful onto teflex sheets, press flat (to about 1/4-3/8 inch).  Dehydrate on 105 degrees for 2 hours, peel them up and flip them onto mesh screens for another 2-3 hours.  Don't over-dry these!
You can serve these with agave nectar for syrup, along with a few banana slices to pretty them up.  You can also use some Frontier brand alcohol-free Maple extract to flavor your agave, to give it that authentic "maple syrup" taste.

The Popes Christmas Message

I had to look up what the Latin phrase meant: "urbi et orbi" for those who may not know, literally means "to the city and to the world." It has come to be used as the name for a specific type of blessing given by the pope on particularly solemn occasions. What it means is that the "urbi et orbi" address or blessing is not directly simply at the city of Rome and the people present, but rather to the entire Roman Catholic world, wherever the individuals may be.

Catholicism 101

Grace and Freedom Meet

Upon reading the Pope's Homily for Christmas Eve, I understand the correct interpretation for 'Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards men " and "Peace to men of Goodwill' are to be both taken together .

You can't have one interpretation without the other, cause it's BOTH. There is a slight difference .

That was one question I asked the priest at my parish . Which one is the correct interpretation? Cause I heard the protestant mostly say "Peace on Earth goodwill to men' and I've always heard it the other way.

To quote from the sermon of Pope Benedict XVI the part relating to this :

 The Latin translation of the angels’ song that we use in the liturgy, taken from Saint Jerome, is slightly different: “peace to men of good will”. The expression “men of good will” has become an important part of the Church’s vocabulary in recent decades. But which is the correct translation? We must read both texts together; only in this way do we truly understand the angels’ song. It would be a false interpretation to see this exclusively as the action of God, as if he had not called man to a free response of love. But it would be equally mistaken to adopt a moralizing interpretation as if man were so to speak able to redeem himself by his good will. Both elements belong together: grace and freedom, God’s prior love for us, without which we could not love him, and the response that he awaits from us, the response that he asks for so palpably through the birth of his son. We cannot divide up into independent entities the interplay of grace and freedom, or the interplay of call and response. The two are inseparably woven together. So this part of the angels’ message is both promise and call at the same time. God has anticipated us with the gift of his Son. God anticipates us again and again in unexpected ways. He does not cease to search for us, to raise us up as often as we might need. He does not abandon the lost sheep in the wilderness into which it had strayed. God does not allow himself to be confounded by our sin. Again and again he begins afresh with us. But he is still waiting for us to join him in love. He loves us, so that we too may become people who love, so that there may be peace on earth.

Catholicism 101

The Cat Carol

I've never heard this carol before . It's not my favorite Christmas Carol perhaps because I don't like cats that much but if you do , it might be the saddest carol you've ever heard . I like the lyrics but not a fan of the music.  If you like it , and want to get the CD or a mug or some other useless memento please visit The Cat Carol website.

"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas." ~Peg Bracken

Christmas Table Prayer

December 24, 2010

Is Our Lord on your shopping list for Christmas?

When you realize that the man who has everything doesn't quite have everything.

Poinsettias and the Twelve Days of Christmas

Poinsettias, a native Mexican plant, is named after Joel R. Poinsett, U.S. ambassador to Mexico who brought the plant to America in 1828. Poinsettias were likely used by Mexican Franciscans in their 17th century Christmas celebrations. One legend has it that a young Mexican boy, on his way to visit the village Nativity scene, realized he had no gift for the Christ child. He gathered pretty green branches from along the road and brought them to the church. Though the other children mocked him, when the leaves were laid at the manger, a beautiful star-shaped flower appeared on each branch. The bright red petals, often mistaken for flowers, are actually the upper leaves of the plant.

Twelve day of Christmas Song - History interprets the origin and popularity of a French song entitled ‘Twelve days of Christmas'. Actually it was a catechism song containing codes. During the mid 16th Century to the early 17th century Catholics were forbidden to practice their faith. The song was composed to teach Christianity to the children.

The twelve days are the days between the birth of Christ (Christmas, December 25) and the coming of the Magi (Epiphany, January 6). In the twelve days twelve gifts are presented by "my true love". True Love indicates God. The gifts offered respectively on the 12 days had specific meanings.

1st day - A Partridge in a Pear Tree symbolized Jesus Christ.
2nd day - Two Turtle doves signified Old and New Testaments.
3rd day - Three French hens signified Faith, Hope and Charity.
4th day - Four calling birds represented the four gospels or the four Evangelists.
5th day – Five gold rings referred to the first five books of the Old Testament.
6th day - Six Geese A-laying symbolized six days of creation.
7th day - Seven Swans A- swimming signified seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.
8th day - Eight Maids A- milking referred to the eight beatitudes.
9th day - Nine ladies dancing symbolized the nine fruit of the Holy Spirit.
10th day - Ten Lords A – leaping symbolized the Ten Commandments.
11th day - Eleven Pipers piping symbolized the eleven faithful apostles.
12th day - Twelve Drummers Drumming referred to the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostle's Creed.

May you have a wonderful Christmas filled with all your wishes and God’s Blessings!

A Gourmet Raw Christmas Dinner

- by Angela Elliott

Learn how you can make a Christmas Dinner without the Bird. Angela Elliott, the author of Alive in Five and The Simple Gourmet has a fantastic recipe, complete with the cranberry fixin’s for you to try.

“Turkey” Without the Bird
Note: This recipe calls for a dehydrator, but it can be prepared without one.


2 cups walnuts
2 cups almonds
1 Tbs. unpasteurized Miso
2 Tbs. fresh sage, minced
2 Tbs. fresh rosemary, minced
2 Tbs. fresh thyme, minced
¼ tsp. garlic powder
½ tsp. onion powder
6 stalks celery, minced
1 cup fresh parsley sprigs for garnish
Himalayan salt and pepper to taste

In a food processor, process herbs and powdered garlic. Add nuts and
miso and process again. Remove and add to a bowl and add onion and
celery. Mold into a turkey shape. Dehydrate at a low temperature of 100
degrees for about 16 hours (8 hours on one side and 8 hours on the other
and teflex sheet removed) hours and then place on a beautiful platter and
garnish with parsley.

Cranberry Sauce Extraordinaire

2 cups fresh cranberries
Juice of one orange
3 ripe Hichiya persimmons (about 1 lb total)
1 cup dates
Add a small amount of water for consistency

Process cranberries, orange, persimmons, and dates in a blender and

What’s Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Without the Mashed Potatoes? 
Click HERE to make your holidays healthy!

I think it's a healthy alternative if you are into raw food

Christmas Spirit (The Right Way)

christmas spirit 2 (

Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas cookies… it’s easy to get carried away with the spirit of the season. But is this really what Christmas is all about? Maybe this year we can have some Christmas spirit… the right way.

I am participating in Alphabe Thursday -Holiday Blessing

My First Communion

I made my first communion at Christmas time many years ago. We lived in Algiers and I remember wearing a white communion dress my mother made. She got us to memorize the Act of Contrition too. I can remember reciting it and practicing it in front of my mother and trying to mean every word I said but I didn't know what I had ever done wrong so it wasn't that I felt any remorse. I think rather I had great expectations.

In preparing for my first communion I was invited by the priest to go up near the crib to just say hello and talk to Jesus but I don't think I fully grasped the meaning of it all, even though I knew I was about to receive him in my heart that Christmas. I was supposed to invite him in my heart and I didn't know or love him as I ought to have because I had no words to say. I was totally inadequate , like a filthy rag, but through it all I trusted and hoped He would show me how to Love him .

Looking back, I should have asked Jesus' Mother and Our Mother for help . After all she was in the manger too, as was Joseph and the shepherds . Lol , Oh well better late than never. She certainly does lead us to her Son. She is the Queen of Heaven. Besides, Faith and Love are virtues and GREAT GIFTS OF GRACE that need to grow. Nevertheless, I felt really secure knowing that God loved me , after all we belong to Him.

Even so, the Catholic Church has always felt like home to me. Home is where the heart is and the Heart of the Church is the Holy Spirit.

That year Jesus was born in me. It was an extra special and memorable Christmas for me and my sister that I will cherish forever .

“Jesus, thank you for setting me free and shining your light into my life. Teach me how to have it to the full.”

Here is the Act of Contrition that I memorized for my First Communion and I always say it this way .

O My God, I am heartily sorry for having offended You.
because of my sins, I deserve the pains of hell
but most of all because they have offended you O God
who art all good and deserving of all my Love.
I firmly resolve with the help of Your Grace
To confess my sins, to do penance and to amend my life.

I linked this post to Catholicism 101 . If you would like to join and share something of your faith , click on the picture .
Catholicism 101

December 23, 2010

Catholicism 101 Merry Christmas Edition !

Catholicism 101


I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! This week I invite you to share something about the Catholic Faith . It can be something particularly about Christmas, and what it means to you . A quote , a picture, a prayer, that helped clarify an intricate part of your faith, anything you like!

Please spread the word to your friends by including a link back to this meme and if you like the blog button feel free to use it in your blog entry to link to Catholicism 101.

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Fun Animation

Thanks to Pascal Campion . To View just click on the images

Top 10 reasons to return to the Catholic Church

I like the 10 reasons Fr. Larry gave .

10- Nearly 2000 years of history, art, and learning
9 - It's counter cultural- be a rebel
8 - A family of over a billion brothers and sisters
7 - we miss you , we want your salvation
6 - you may avoid going to hell
5 - The catholic church was founded by Jesus Christ, the Son of God in the year 33 AD
4 - Our hearts are restless O Lord until they rest in you
3 - God loves you so much He died on the cross for you
2 - You can receive the body and blood , soul and divinity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
1 - It'll help you spend eternity in the divine light of the Trinity

December 21, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday- Win Some Lose Some

Only Parent Chronicles

To make your own post-its go here then click the button above to join . Have a Great Day!

click here for the info

click here 
the post-it cut it off but it's @ the menopausal New moms blog

Wow , I like these . They would go nice with my new body .

Click to see

UPDATE: Sorry for the post-it notes. I guess this is what happens when you are too lazy to download them and save them to your computer . I won't do that again and I can't redo them because I forgot what they even said .

December 20, 2010

Good information

Why do some foods satiate much much better than others? Why are you hungry in 2 nanoseconds after eating a full meal of tomatoes lettuce and cucumbers, and why are you satiated for a lifetime when you have a full meal of fresh durian, mamey, plantains, figs, mature bananas?????????

what happens when you eat cooked food

wow . growl . I had no idear(yes that's intentional. I hate when some people pronounce idea like idear)

Find more videos like this on 30 Bananas a Day!

December 19, 2010

Fourth Sunday of Advent

We should never sit in the house of God as strangers. Did you remember to say hello to someone today?- this was taken from our church bulletin today .

Over at True Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter , you can join her facebook page on 'One thing I learned at Mass ' . It was an idea Matthew Kelly suggested every catholic do; keep a journal.

Anyway what I learned at Mass today is Joseph and Ahaz both had direct lines to God but Ahaz (Isaiah 7.10-14) didn't obey, while Joseph did (Matthew 1.18-24) . I never knew what these two readings had in common or what the significance of them being read together were and I learnt something today :)  Joseph had an angel and Ahaz had the prophet Isaiah . If we had a direct line to God would we listen ? I assume that direct line now is Jesus Christ. Do we listen to Jesus ?

Listen to Matthew Kelly talk on the 3rd pillar of catholic spirituality.

Pillar 3 - The Mass (Part one)

Pillar 3 - The Mass (Part two)

Pillar 3 - The Mass (Part three)

Next week- Christmas !

December 18, 2010

Raw Food Recipe of the day

Veggie Nut Burgers .

These look yummy and I will probably make them for our next Meetup . I printed Go Raw For A Day with Karen Knowler just for the recipes but the recipe never showed up while the rest of the e-book did :/ how lovely . You can get the Free e-book by going here

I have a video anyway showing how to make them and what I'll need. Simple and easy .

December 17, 2010

Vatican lights up Christmas tree

Vatican lights up Christmas tree

I've got the Joy , Joy, Joy..... down in my heart
Down in my heart!
Down in my heart!
I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart
Down in my heart to stay

And I'm so happy
So very happy
I've got the love of Jesus in my heart
Down in my heart
And I'm so happy
So very happy
I've got the love of Jesus in my heart.

I've got the love of Jesus, love of Jesus
Down in my heart
Down in my heart!
Down in my heart!
I've got the love of Jesus, love of Jesus
Down in my heart
Down in my heart to stay.

And I'm so happy
So very happy
I've got the love of Jesus in my heart
Down in my heart
And I'm so happy
So very happy
I've got the love of Jesus in my heart.

I've got the peace that passes understanding
Way down in the depths of my heart!
Down in the depths of my heart!
Down in the depths of my heart!
I've got the peace that passes understanding
Way down in the depths of my heart!
Down in my heart to stay

And I'm so happy
So very happy
I've got the love of Jesus in my heart
Down in my heart
And I'm so happy
So very happy
I've got the love of Jesus in my heart.

And if the Devil doesn't like it
He can sit on a tack!
Sit on a tack!
Sit on a tack!
And if the Devil doesn't like it
He can sit on a tack!
Sit on a tack to stay!

And I'm so happy
So very happy
I've got the love of Jesus in my heart
Down in my heart
And I'm so happy
So very happy
I've got the love of Jesus in my heart.

Lol I use to listen to this song on a record player with my children . It uplifted me and truly made me happy and filled with joy and love for my children .



What Is Protestantism?

What Is Protestantism?

I think this explains it entirely . Thanks

Where We Got The Bible (according to Evangelicals)

From the blog of Patrick Vandapool

NOTE: He says on his blog under the 'Art' section .....:
Many of the pics I use for this blog are modified images that are part of the public domain (gov’t propaganda, cold war posters, war bond letters, etc). Other pics are modified images that are owned by other parties (movie posters, book covers, etc.). When possible, I’ll give credit where it is due. In other words, I’m nothing more than a true rip-off artist! PLEASE FEEL FREE to swipe any of my pics! 

Thank you Patrick !

First Karaoke Christmas video!

Ok well we aren't the mormon Tabernacle choir and I probably could have used some back up singers lol . I screwed this song up big time . This was done 2 years ago while we were at the Zoo Lights.

They had a karaoke booth I thought would be fun to do as we got our download to add to our myspace or facebook page after a couple days for FREE. Last year we went again but the booth wasn't operating . I was pretty disappointed about that. Ever since Phil and I met , the Zoo has been a big part of our christmas tradition and we like to go every year. We are planning to go this weekend to see the christmas lights at the Zoo again. I hope they still have the FREE karaoke christmas video tent . But anyway , Phil was suffering from a cold and he apparently needed to sneeze , he said. lol . It's not easy singing acapella on the First Noel . I couldn't hear the music and when I did , I was way off Lol . you try it lol

Merry Christmas !

† Upsy Daisy † | Myspace Video

Here's a decent rendering

December 16, 2010


Jonah block

Listen to this vortex episode called Angry Nuns .

It's an eye opener . If you don't think Michael Voris is telling the truth then how come we read things such as in this article on Spirit daily

On September 19, 1846, the Blessed Mother allegedly told a French shepherd girl named Melanie Calvat at LaSalette (in what seemed like unusually harsh language) that "the Vicar of my Son will suffer a great deal, because for a while the Church will yield to large persecution, a time of darkness, and the Church will witness a frightful crisis." "The chiefs, the leaders of the people of God, have neglected prayer and penance, and the devil has bedimmed their intelligence," it added. Nuns, it warned, would allow "Asmodeas" (a demon some associate with the New Age) into convents. The devil, said part of the alleged LaSalette secret, "will resort to all his evil tricks to introduce sinners into religious orders." "The priests, by their wicked lives, by their irreverence and impiety in the celebration of the holy mysteries, by their love of money, honors, and pleasures, have become cesspools of impurity."

Catholicism 101


You are invited to share something about the Catholic Faith . It can be a quote , a picture, a prayer, something that helped clarify an intricate part of your faith, anything you like!

Please spread the word to your friends by including a link back to this meme and if you like the blog button feel free to use it in your blog entry to link to Catholicism 101.

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I like this picture

don't you?
Brittney Lee Illustration

December 15, 2010

It's Alphabe Thursday L!

L is for the things I love. Life 




Lips - for licking :p

It's about Love 

I am participating in Alphabe Thursday . This week is about the Letter 'L'. I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas and I am looking forward to Jenny Matlocks giveaway tonight. Congratulations to all the winners!

Jenny Matlock