December 31, 2010

My favorite 2010 Blog posts

 Submit Not to Allah. Yes I'm against Islamization of christian nations. I saw someones myspace signature today that said
"When I swear in Muslim, I always say MuhamMAD" *Lulz
This 'Raw Food vs Fast Food' was a big inspiration for me to want to live a raw food lifestyle . I watched all of the supersize me videos by Morgan Spurlock and Jenna Norwoods Supercharge Me videos. She is awesome . The other guy , Markus, Rothkranz , is just super cute and sexy and I'd go raw for him *swoons* lol

I don't usually make resolutions but I am going to continue to add more greens in my diet by drinking green smoothies , and hope to live healthier in 2011. I know I probably will fall off the bandwagon , now and again , but that is why we need a lot of support and being a member of the awesome rawsome meetup is how I intend to stay connected or plugged in .

This was my favorite 101 wednesday post . "Brothers" of Jesus?  *sigh* It was fun

We witnessed the medias lambast of the priest scandals and the rise in muslim anger over everybody draw mohammed day.
I posted a documentary about Fr.Oliver O'Grady a pedophile priest.

This was in memory of a regular forum myspace member . Today Ron aka squarecircle killed himself. In one of his threads , which has since been deleted, he said "this is it. if i reply after this post... i failed." - RIP squarecircle 3.5 There was a dedication thread but the moderators shut it down or deleted it too. So sad.

That co-habitation impedes marriage was clear and I had a decision to make because heaven is worth more to me than anything and anyone, so Phil moved out in October this year. God bless his heart ♥

The only post I made was this video . Mary in a nutshell . Beautiful and inspiring.

I confessed to having been involved in multi-level marketing. Because I never made a dime in MLM I also put a donation button up but decided against it . I do support catholic bloggers from time to time , just not regularly , because there are so many . I should probably think about donating $$ every month to some random catholic blogger. Wouldn't that be fun? Do you think I should put up a paypal button? I hardly get comments for heaven's sakes much less anyone's charity although I don't mind being a charity case :p. I like winning contests . I've won a few things since I put up a blog . Recently I won a 6 month membership to menu of the and a book that is in the mail . I can't wait to see it !

The highlight of this month was the Popes visit to London and the beatification of John Henri Newman.
I stayed up watching it all live on the internet . Alphabe Thursday also started again with the letter A for airplane arriving at the airport but my favorite and fun blog post this month was about Tammi of Nazareth LOL "Before the Bra was Invented" It was for alphabe thursday and the letter B

Halloween was fun . I loved my halloween template and watched the movie Trick'r'treat for the first time. The cryptkeepers halloween blogs made it fun too.

I started a meme called Catholicism 101 and for me it's kind of scary to be a leader so 'Let's be like these Geese' I had more fun when I was a participant in 101 wednesdays which is where the idea came from. I'm disappointed so far hardly anyone is participating . I don't know if I should continue . should I?

I got a new printer before Christmas and I love it . Don't forget the USB cables !
Anyway .....-Ellen Degeneres. 

I'm linked to Alphabe Thursday New Years edition. A meme where you get to meet other fabulous bloggers. *sighs

Jenny Matlock


  1. Thanks for stopping by.

    Here's hoping that you and yours have a great 2011!



  2. Jackie, those were some very interesting posts you wrote. Happy New Year!

  3. I'm going to have to take some time to read your Y/E wrap-ups. BTW, I like your logo.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy Alphabethursday. I loved your July post on cohabitation impeding marriage. My husband and I are Christians. We were young and in love, but We waited. We will never regret it. Now we are old and in love.

    Beautiful thoughts...thanks for sharing.

  5. Jackie, you are so thoughtful in your writing.

    I think I mentioned it before but I really like the new blog layout and format here. The font is so intriquing.

    Wishing you a New Year filled with joy and grace, adventure and discovery.

    Thank you for linking.


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