December 7, 2010

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Thanks to Owen from DrawntoCatholicism - Our Lady, Mother of Help for this beautiful prayer card

How about these tats! Check them out. I particularly like how nice the images depict Our Lady , as beautiful . well IMHO they are , the hairy back however is another story  lol


  1. Ummmm... wow - is all I can say - such beautiful work but eh - not so much on the hairy back thing! LOL Thanks for stopping by to say hello this morning. No, I didn't know that you wanted to be an Esthetician/Nail Manicurist - that is so neat! The other thing about this nail treatment is that this is on your natural nails- there is no fake nail at all which is good I think! :) I will let you know how the Christmas party comes out after tonight! Have a great day! ;)

  2. She probably looked not at all like that, lol ! Is that a tatoo ? when this person becomes 70 the virgin will look rather wrinkled !


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