December 10, 2010

Silent Hymn

Ho Hum Hymn . You do not have to know how to sing if only listening to God in silence. Together with Him, were you to express words of praise out loud it would turn into a beautiful melody . Yes my friends, if we pray with our hearts , any prayer can be a beautiful hymn to God . The rosary is such a prayer. Listen to this song. It's called I'm your Mother . I would like you to know your mother so listen to ' I wait on Tepeyac' and 'Don't be afraid'  :p  as well . They are only samples of the songs unfortunately but these are the three songs I like the most and that I have been most familiar with .
Oh and btw I love love love the letter 'H' don't you? lol It has the sound of a whisper .

We can hear God in the Silence at least that is how Elijah heard from God .
Elijah experienced storm and earthquake and fire as his ancestors did i.e: Moses, and he was ready to listen to God speaking in the thunder. But the Lord was not in any of these. When all the noise was over, Elijah heard "a sound of sheer silence", and God spoke to him (1 Kings 19:1-18 & Psalm 42.).

PhotobucketMay Your Name be blessed and praised,
May Love teach us to love Him.
May we learn to seek You in simplicity of heart,
May Your Holy Spirit fill the whole world.
Let not one of Your flowers wither,
but make them all bloom with a delicate fragrance
to glorify You, O Holy of Holies.


  1. And sometimes God speaks to me through the voice of others. Thank you, Jackie, for allowing yourself to be that vessel. I so needed to read these words today.

  2. The line "make in my hear a quiet place" is the line that jumped out at me. I'm trying to do all the things we want to "do" in this season, but also making time for the quiet.

  3. Oh, yes -- so well said -- when we pray with our hearts, it's so very a hymn of praise. {I'm admittedly one of thos people who love to sing and music flows through my veins, so I have a harder time with the silence ... but I SO know HE speaks to our hearts in it.}


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