December 6, 2010

A Potluck Happy Holiday Feast

Last night I went to a Raw Food Potluck and it was awesome ! I have been ingesting Green Smoothies for the past 3 days and I was looking for a dehydrator to make those lovely cookie recipes with(see top menu) and remembered a lady I had met through a friend about 5 years ago . She was the only person I knew who had one  . Her website is . Here she is with her husband Manu.

Diana and Manu

Anyway , I discovered that their monthly meetup just so happened to be later that day and I immediately wanted to attend, so I rsvp'd her after joining up with the group and ta-dah! It was slightly on a short notice but surprisingly Diana got my notice and emailed me giving me directives on what to bring because I told her I didn't have anything prepared and if it was still alright to attend, however I quickly decided that I was going to bring Green Smoothies for everyone! Lol .

Well, I was the first to arrive ! Lucky for me that I lived so close , it was walking distance from where I lived , otherwise I wouldn't have been able to go. Diana and Manu are such a nice couple , they greeted me , shook my hand and not even after 5-10 minutes others started to show up and before I knew it the room was filled with strange people lol . It was nice to be able to meet new people and I got talking to some of them but I always feel uncomfortable and out of place with total strangers .

It wasn't my first time attending Dianas and Manus Meetup and the food , I'm telling you , is sooooooooooo darn delicious . Take a look at some of the food on the table . I may not remember the names and recipes but I can tell you that it all tasted fantastic though I liked the desserts :D

Cauliflower couscous

Apple Cobbler

Persimmon dish so yummy

Yam recipe 

Spinach Salad recipe

I don't remember what this was

Manu is the organizer of the Potluck Holiday Feast
Have you ever had Pasta Marinara made with zucchini and a Saladacco?

Pasta Marinara
It is my favorite and here is the recipe on how to prepare this shit spaghetti dish :P along with a few bonus recipes.

Keep your Greens on :D
Love Jackie

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