December 12, 2010

I'm Not the Internet

I think the Internet has become a downfall for me. Truth be told I spend more time on the computer than I do with any other relationship. I confess that I involve the computer for everything even prayer time that should be spent with God . Well, it's not surprising that you can pray the rosary and listen to music and watch movies and even go to virtual mass ! Who knows what else you can do online these days .

I appear to be losing my mind a little at a time. I thought only drugs did that? Honestly!? Over the years I don't know if I have retained or learned anything from it . Well that isn't altogether true , since I would have never known html lingo or what it is even, or not know what a blog is.  There ought to be something where we could test our internet IQ isn't there?

Growing up we never had computers, admittedly I am a self taught computer don't-know-anything-at-all- 'er. Well I did take some computer classes at the local drop inn for free and that sorta gave me an idea of how to use those toolbars and what windows is all about . We also learnt how to put together a computer from scratch so I know what a motherboard is lol. I took typing in school and I brought my skill up to par after not typing for many many years and I was surprised how easy it came back to me . I ate those typing courses up like they were nothing. A piece of cake .

I'm addicted and I know that . Since I got a personal computer 6 years ago it hasn't taught me how to have a good relationship with others because that comes with practice and I don't get much of it . In fact I have replaced that interaction that we all so desperately seek some times with the computer . It is all I want to do these days! and it keeps me occupied BUT it also takes up all of my time when I should be doing other things , like chores , laundry , cooking dinner, taking a shower and going to Church!

Ah well be gentle with me Oh LORD My God and help me UN-learn this strange computer habit slowly and effectively . I also can't remember words when I want and it gets me soooo frustrated! argh .

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