December 14, 2010

Don't forget USB Cable !

If you should ever get a printer ,  remember to get a USB cable because printers never come with one and of course they don't tell you that , so guess what? We couldn't set it up !! So we had to go back to the store .Yes ! don't say I never warned you .

It's exactly the way the Oatmeal puts it , but I love my new printer .It's an EPSON Stylus NX215.

 Try not to lose your power cord either. I overheard a woman ask a retail clerk if they had any power cords for a printer she had, because she lost it in moving or something and they said they didn't . She told me what she thought and she said "That is bull shit !" lol . I think she had to make a decision to get a new printer all because of a power cord ! She was on her blackberry talking about it with her boyfriend .

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