December 2, 2010

Catholicism 101

Welcome to Catholicism101!

The idea is to share something about the Catholic Faith . It can be a quote , a picture, a prayer, something that helped clarify an intricate part of our faith, anything you like!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my missing king, lol !
    For me it's difficult to comment on the catholic faith. I live in a catholic country. Everybody is catholic. But as the catholic church is so old fashioned more and more people are looking for more modern religions, the pope is completely outdated. Our churches are empty, there are no priests anymore because they are not allowed to get married.
    The catholic faith is just like all other faiths when you are a Christian. The catholic church is another story !

  2. I have no faith in humanity .

  3. Some of my dearest friends are Catholic. Great people!

  4. This week my post is about the 1960 Italian film, "La Dolce Vita". It is film about the media and modern life in Rome in 1959, just a year after Pope Pius XII died, and just before Vatican II. The Catholic Church has little influence on the characters, and their lives are ruined.


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