December 8, 2010

7 Straight Days of Giveaways

On the 18th Day before Christmas Jenny Matlock...Off on a Tanget gave to me,
Seven straight days of giveaways...
For things I can put 'neath my Holiday tree!

On the first day of seven straight giveaways is *drumroll please*

....A 25 dollar Amazon Gift Card!

(enter by clicking the number 1 )

On the 17th day before Christmas Jenny Matlock gave to me a $50 dollar gift certificate from Lisa Leonard Jewelry to apply towards anything purchased on her site .
Thats great isn't it? It's perfect. I don't wear much jewelry because I'm really picky but these are really nice . She has other things besides jewelry too . Check out her store.

If I was the lucky winner I would buy the crystal drop earrings and the sterling ball chain .
(Enter by clicking the number 2)

On the16th Day before Christmas Jenny on a tangent gave to me two shadow boxes

To Enter this day Click number 3

On the 15th Day before Christmas Jenny Matlock on a tangent gave to me ..Select any mixed media work that Theresa currently has for sale in her shop.

To Enter this day Click number 4

On 14th Day before Christmas Jenny Matlock on off on a tangent gave to me .... her Trader Joes Holiday Treats and a sweet little red vintage apron ! CLICK 5 to Enter this Giveaway!

On the 13th Day before Christmas Jenny Matlock on a tangent gave to me a wonderful $65 giveaway from CSN which will give you access to over 200 online stores where you can get this for example : goodhope croc briefcase that looks like a nice handbag for someone on your christmas list or for yourself.

To Enter this giveaway Click the number 6

On the 12th Day before Christmas, Jenny Matlock gave to me a wonderful Rainbow Jewelry giveaway from Christina Wigren

What caught my eye is the purple green black and gold beaded stretch-bracelet, inspired by elderberries

To Enter click on the number 7

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  1. This made me smile. You need to go put an extra entry into all the giveaways! This was great!


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