November 28, 2009

Third Sunday of Advent Message

Here is the 3rd sunday of Advent message brought to you by Faith and Family Live . It is called Gaudette Sunday and this is when we light the pink candle. It is also the time when SOME people put up there tree :)

Thank You!

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

This week I enjoyed the gift of a digital advent wreath from Dawn Farias.
I thought it was a really simple and fun way to share my faith and I was so happy to be able to put this on my blog.

In real life I put my advent wreath on the table today and thanks to Praytherosaryapostolate I found some prayers to go with it.

If you would like to participate in sunday snippets please visit Rann @ This and That and the Other thing. We are a group of bloggers who share once a week about our best posts and/or catholic things but all are welcome.

November 25, 2009

I like bein' a Catholic what about you!!

Thanks Justin! Justin Stroh is a lay Catholic with 20 years of service in the Church.

Oh Hey! I found my calling lol

I stumbled upon yesterday, and my boyfriend brought home a new pen for me last night lol. Is that a sign or something?

Check it out. I really really like the idea. When I was homeless (yes for about 10 minutes) I thought very quickly, as I was walking along, where could I go because the shelter for women here in Calgary wouldn't let me back in after I had gone to see my abusive husband again. I thought maybe my brother could let me stay with him for awhile. It's a good thing I did, I was pregnant too, and I had a kidney stone attack. If anyone has had kidney stones, you know how painful they are. I was worried I was going to lose the baby, but I didn't. Everything was fine after 3 or 4 days. I have since then got them lasered and never had a recurring attack of kidney stones. It seems like milk makes it worse, though.

Anyhow, I didn't want to impose on my brother, even though he was more than willing to accommodate me, I just didn't feel comfortable being there. My brother's wife is a really nice lady but I, for some reason feel really uncomfortable and inferior to her, so I looked for another place to live. The place I found was Youville. I really wanted to go there, and they let me in, even though they knew I was pregnant, I guess they wanted to help.

On with the point of the story. When I was at Youville, a 3rd stage shelter for women, we were supposed to keep a Journal. Youville was run by the Sisters of Charity.
There motto is : "Welcoming women who are in need of our services regardless of race, colour or creed, St. Marguerite d'Youville was known as the mother of universal charity"Sisters of Charity(Grey Nuns) of Alberta
We were told to submit our journals in every morning to our personal (nun, we each had one), and she would read it and write some things back. Sorta like spiritual guidance. I guess they are trained for that sort of stuff. I was pregnant, so I knew my stay was going to be shortened, but I had the most terrible time of my life! It was a very stressful time for me. I practically got into a physical fight with this one lady oy vey! I did come away with some tools for life, and that is keeping up with Journal writing. It is a very useful tool for recovery. However, I think if it used for therapy , it's best to have the spiritual guidance. Jesus is our Spiritual Director, isn't He? Yes!

I really like the idea of playing back the scriptures and to write about what Jesus is speaking to you through His Word, it's a beautiful thing to do I'd say.

A series of Unfortunate Events

I was born on October 4th, 1964 in Sfax, Tunisia. I live in Calgary and am the youngest of 6. My parents got divorced when I was 14 still easily influenced. I hung out with the wrong crowd and started smoking and doing drugs. Soon after my life shattered in a series of unfortunate events

About Drugs:

"Satan wants you to forget who you are, many fall into this trap, leading them to neglect their soul; and they become easy prey for Satan who wants your soul."

Hell Exists

I took the opportunity to go away to boarding school in 1979 and had a bad experience with drugs. It is there I lost my identity.
I was in a stinky smelly bar and cried all night. I couldn't sleep, and I began hearing voices. Under the influence of drugs and prescription medication, I soon fell unconscious and was in a coma for a week. Only after I returned to Canada under psychiatric care, they determined what I was suffering.

I had Drug Induced Psychosis 

When I was in Mallorca Spain, my brother was traveling Europe. If it weren't for him taking care of me, I don't know what would have happened. I wasn't aware of what was going on with me consciously, and I almost burnt the door down with a lighter! To keep me from burning the house down, my brother shoved his bed in front of the bedroom door at night so that I wouldn't get out. He said I took a shower once with my clothes on. It was evident I needed zombie masters strict supervision.
Once I was unaware of pulling myself away from, who I thought was my sister, but was playing tug-o-war with an arm, and it hurt, so finally I gave up resisting lest they rip my arm off. She was an evil zombie master nurse, probably the one who stole all my things, and for that reason, my brother took me out of there. I am proud of my brother. My sister had come to visit me also and fed me some brains yogurt; she said my tongue was swollen and hanging out of my mouth. I wasn't eating anything else. I also remember putting vaseline all over my face. That was weird.
When my dad came back from working on the rigs, we flew back to Canada and got proper medical care. My parents were in the midst of a divorce, but the night before I was to board the plane I woke up. I felt like a little kid, but at least I was aware of my surroundings because you can't board a plane if you aren't mentally able. I know my dad was praying for me hard. I'm not the same person I used to be. I could have lost much more than my identity, but I lived with the consequences. I'd never foreseen admittance to the psychiatric hospital in the long term, but I was. If my parents would've stayed together, maybe things would've been different. The way I see it, I was institutionalized or sentenced to life in prison with 50% chance of making it on my own.I was a ward of the courts and placed in a home for teenage misfits. William Roper Hull Home. Alone and dangerous.


My faith in God dwindled from the Catholic Church, and I married a deviant. I had seven children whom Child Services apprehended from a terrible ordeal. In my sorrow over such great loss, I found my comfort in this Scripture verse:
Jeremiah 49:11"Leave your fatherless children, I will preserve them alive. Let your widows trust in Me" I pray for them every day. From what I know they are well taken care of, and I guess I have certain someone's to thank for which I won't mention names. Although I still like to think I had something to do with it. That their good kids, that is, I hope.

from left to right: Curtis, Alex, Joshua.
hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil
Anyhow, I lost my family, my identity, and my children.
Yes, I am broken. I don't see much of anyone anymore.

November 23, 2009

Switchfoot- We were meant to live

I like their music.

The solemnity of Christ the King

Mass Readings

My Reflection

I think most of us have forgotten where we come from. I naturally am not born into royalty , but that is what we are, spiritually . We belong to the Most High and therefore we descend from sovereignty and splendour as Vassula so aptly put it . (<--this is a windows media audio play. )
"...I, your God tell you: sons! and daughters! you are the offspring of the Most High! you descend from the Sovereignty and Splendour, oh come! you belong to Us! you belong to are of Royal Descent..."
 We all have wandered so far away from God , that we have forgotten who we are and to whom we belong. Jesus didn't say he wasn't a king when pilate confronted him. In fact, He says " For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice."  For Isaiah 9:5 says that we will call him that ...
"For a child is born to us, a son is given us; upon his shoulder dominion rests. They name him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace. 6 His dominion is vast and forever peaceful, From David's throne, and over his kingdom, which he confirms and sustains by judgment and justice, both now and forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this!"
Ok , it doesn't say He is King necessarily but that His Throne will have dominion forever . We are descendents of the Most High. Praised Be The LORD.

November 22, 2009

So I got my new computer

I now have Windows Vista. I love it. I installed all the updates today , uploaded all my pictures and documents from the old computer, and stuck some pics into shabbyblog frames . I wish I knew how to separate them . I like Live Writer , it's so cool, except it wouldn't let me publish this post with this picture . With Windows Live Writer you can insert a watermark on them , I thought that was pretty neat.

November 14, 2009

History & Saints

Today's Saint is Saint Lawrence O'Toole 11-14
Irish saint who helped keep the peace between England and Ireland.

This program is from Today's Saint on

Today's History the Birth of Saint John Eudes 11-14
Saint John Eudes was born on this day in history, 1601 AD

This program is from Today's History on

Word Of Blog is UNSAFE!

Do not use wordofblog. Every time I went to that site , my computer was showing me that it had just deleted a virus. I scanned my computer each time and everything was fine . Now, I hear the site has been suspended and for good reason.  If anyone visited my blog showing a warning because of the content from that site , I am sorry . I got the warning too, that it was unsafe to visit my blog :(  I just hope blogger won't suspend me . I  have removed the content and hopefully everything will be fine. That kinda scared me   .

You aren't even safe from crowds on the internet !

November 13, 2009

Much Thanks!

Click to play this Smilebox greeting: Thank You

I love Smilebox ! It's fun and easy to use and they have a lot of nice designs . It's free to download the program but if you don't like having ads on your creations , like I do , you can pay a small price to use them anywhere and you can even print them. It costs something like $2.99 for every creation you want to use(without ads and unlimited use, which means you own it) or you can be a smilebox club member , which is $39.95 a year I think. You can also pay by month. Please click on the link . thanks =)

Divorce humor, Google-Style

Sight Gag|College Humor imagines the Google logo guy running into marital problems:

With that said ...have you tried Jesus on your search for more?

November 12, 2009

Flu vaccinations - This is Fascinating

NOTE: We respectfully recognize and accept the final authority regarding apparitions, locutions and prophecies presently being reported around the world rests with the Holy See of Rome and the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church to whose judgment we humbly and obediently submit.

That was said with regard to the following messages . I am just relaying and passing them on , that's all, as I happen to believe they are authentic until proven otherwise. 

Our LORD warned us not to accept these flu "vaccinations" at all costs. He told us to pray to Him in advance of accepting any kind of medication for any reason. That includes over-the-counter medication. Refer to the following links:

Beware of Medication and Evil Men
Drug Co. Caught Injecting Live Bird Flu Virus Into Flu Vaccines

Further, He told us to stay out of crowds, and to wash our hands often.

The Plagues Will Now Begin

Once again, we hasten to emphasize that we have nothing to worry about, provided that we obey Our Lord's directives in the writings above, and those which follow.

What follows are:- certain relevant messages from Our Lord via John Leary (3)

April 27, 2009:
Jesus said: "My people, I have been preparing you for a coming pandemic virus that will kill many people. I have encouraged you to buy some masks and to take Hawthorn herbs by pill or tea to build up your immune system. Some times you have seen various scare hypes with SARS, West Nile, and Bird Flu, but there were never large numbers killed. Influenza does kill many people each year, but you have not seen a very virulent flu up to now in recent years. The latest attention is being drawn to the Swine Flu which is still being investigated in Mexico and the U.S. Some scare tactics have been used in the past, but beware of a coming disease that will have a high mortality rate. The one world people use such diseases to lower the population as part of their death culture plan. Many of these viruses are man-made for this purpose of reducing the population, and scaring the people with such threats. Many upper respiratory symptoms are a result of the viruses placed in the chemtrails that you see in the skies. Be watchful when a deadly disease starts killing off the people because this will be one of your signs to call on Me to have your guardian angels lead you to the nearest refuge. Looking on the luminous crosses and drinking from the miraculous spring water will heal you of this disease, much like Moses held up the bronze serpent to heal the Israelites' snake bites."

Jesus said: "My people, this latest scare of swine flu spreading to five countries and various states has shown human to human contact and it is very communicable as the regular flu bugs are. An unusual aspect of this outbreak is that it is occurring at the end of the flu season in a warm country. It has been deadly in killing people in Mexico, but it has not been seen to cause any deaths in the U.S. Such an outbreak has already closed schools to stop it from spreading, and people are wearing masks to try and prevent it also. This incident could be exploited by the one world people to control the people through quarantines, even without deaths from this disease. A more virulent form could mutate and cause more deaths, especially if it were a man-made virus spread to reduce the population on purpose. I will warn My faithful when a deadly strain will be used against you. At My refuges you will be healed of these pandemic diseases. So have no fear when I am at your side. "

May 1, 2009:
Jesus said: "My people, I have given you many messages concerning chemtrails where your government is purposely putting viruses in them to lower your people's immune systems and cause upper respiratory infections. This is all part of the death culture people who are trying to reduce the population so the one world people have less people to control. Many of these scare diseases are man-made and this latest swine flu is another excuse for involuntary quarantines for wherever the one world people want to control. This name of swine flu has even confused people that they did not want to eat pork, so now the media is using H1N1 as a new name. I have told you in the past (2-8-08, 2-18-08, 4-25-08) to avoid taking flu shots because they will be giving you live viruses that could spread disease instead of preventing it. There have been reports in your literature that one drug company has in fact put live Avian flu virus in a bird flu vaccine (4). I am warning you again that this new vaccine for swine flu will be made by similar companies which could spread the disease more than prevent it. The death culture people are more intent on reducing the population than preventing any epidemic. I know these are difficult warnings, but there are evidences to defy nature and cause more deaths in the population. AIDS and ebola are other examples of this same man-made manipulation by the one world people. As these diseases mutate, it will become necessary for My faithful to go to My refuges where you will be healed of these diseases by looking on My luminous cross and drinking the healing spring water. Having masks, taking Hawthorn herbs, and vitamins will also build up your immune system to fight these viruses."

Jesus said: "My people, as more facts about swine flu come out in your news, you are seeing that this strain is not as deadly as your media was describing. It appears swine flu is more communicable, but less deadly because humans can develop antibodies to fight it off. Bird flu is more deadly, but it is less communicable. Only a small number of deaths have actually been confirmed from swine flu by your scientists. There could be a lot of swine flu passed in the population, but it would take some major mutations to become very deadly. Be prepared for this possibility with masks and building up your immune system with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins."

May 14, 2009:
Jesus said: "My people, your scientists are concerned that this current Swine Flu is spreading freely all across the world. This is an H1N1 flu which has a similar structure to the H1N1 Spanish Flu that was very deadly in its mortality rate in 1918. Even if this pandemic has not killed many people, there is a fear that it could mutate to a more deadly flu in the next flu season. This is another example of why it is hard to anticipate which flu that will be prevalent in the next season. Pray that people will have enough antibodies to fight off whatever flu emerges next fall."

May 22, 2009:
Jesus said: "My people, you are currently seeing the Swine Flu spread over many countries, and some people are dying from this first wave of this flu germ. There are plans to spread a second and third wave of a more virulent Swine Flu virus by the use of chemtrails. The evil ones will protect themselves with an antidote vaccine. As more people start dying from this flu, you will see that it has a man-made origin by looking at the DNA markers of the segments in each wave. Already the current Swine Flu has pig flu segments, bird flu segments, human flu segments and flu from various countries all over the world. The fact, that it is still killing people and not dying out, is another sign that it is a manufactured virus and not a natural one. The one world people will use this so-called pandemic virus to make it mandatory to take their vaccine which will actually spread the disease. My people should refuse this vaccine at all costs. Those, who refuse to take the vaccine shots will be taken to the death camps for elimination by gas and cremation. Once this mandatory vaccine for Swine Flu is initiated, this will be another sign to call on Me and I will have your guardian angels lead you to a refuge where you will look upon My luminous cross and drink the spring water to protect you from any pandemic virus. This created crisis of a pandemic virus will be another opportunity for the one world people to declare martial law and take over America. Follow My instructions and you will be protected from this virus and from those trying to kill you."

June 18, 2009:
I could see some men digging a hole and this was to indicate that the recent Swine flu was man-made. Jesus said: “My people, you know that the flu season starts in October and is usually over in February. This latest outbreak of Swine flu has been designated a pandemic, but it is completely out of season. This flu is not just a mutation, but it has all the signs of a laboratory man-made disease. This first wave has been spread very easily, but it has thus far not killed very many people. This H1N1 virus has similarities to the Spanish flu that killed millions of people. The same evil ones, who developed this disease, could just as easily generate a more virulent form that could attack your population in October with more deaths occurring. This is why you need masks and food storage to weather this coming outbreak. Build up your immune system with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins. As you see larger numbers dying from this new virus, then you are to call on Me to lead you to My refuges. There you will look upon My luminous cross and drink the healing spring waters which will protect you from all diseases and deadly viruses, or bacteria.”

July 20, 2009:
I could see a young child playing and I realized that these little ones will be vulnerable to the latest flu bugs. Jesus said: "My people, I have warned you before not to take any flu shots because they are putting viruses in these shots that could make you more vulnerable to the latest swine flu. This latest epidemic will be man-made and they will propose a vaccine that is supposed to protect you from this flu strain. Unfortunately, this will be a cruel hoax that will actually make you more vulnerable to the current swine flu. Continue to avoid these flu shots, even if they try to force them on the population. There will be various quarantines that could be used by the one world people to try and gain control for their North American Union. Pray for My protection and any needed healing from these man-made diseases."
  • (3)-  The mystical occurrences of John Leary have yet-to-be-approved by the Church. His messages can be found at
  • (4) - "There have been reports in your literature that one drug company has in fact put live Avian flu virus in a bird flu vaccine" Refer to Drug Co. Caught Injecting Live Bird Flu Virus Into Flu Vaccines at

Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz

November 11, 2009

LOVE my New Blog!?

Thanks to Heather from butterfly girls blog designs. I got a really really nice blog. [edited] I tried sticking my own picture into the header, but my problem was finding a way to move objects around. She fixed the title font color! I love the colors of the layout. She also made a signature and a link button. I have a cute blog now yay! O LORD Yahweh how grateful I am.
Since most of the FREE layouts come already made, I couldn't ask for more really BUT... Personally, I don't know if leaving the title and description behind the uploaded header is enough! I appreciate FREE layouts with all the frills and basic installation instructions, so THANK YOU !.
Check out the word of blog. You only have to refresh the page. Right now I have a total of 12 FREE blogger backgrounds and layout and designs of some sort. Well most of them are free, save for Designer Blogs. About word of the blog right now, I think it has some kind of virus, and I emailed the owner but no reply. I don't know if it's safe.
I took a computer course once, but that's it. We never had computers when I was going to school, I taught myself; and the knowledge to perform the basic tasks, nevermind in certain software like Photoshop and Gimp and or Ink, like learning to speak a new language.

November 10, 2009

My Favorite and Fun Christmas Charity Shoe Box

Luke 11:13 "If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!"

It's time to pack your shoebox

Click on the green Operation Christmas Child logo below to get all the information.

This is when they need to be dropped off. Go to your nearest Safeway or depot, You can get your empty boxes there.

This is one of my favorite charities, and it's a fun thing to do for Xmas, and it makes me feel good,  It's not that big of a box, and you can give as many as you want, and there is a list of what you can put in as well.

How To Pack A Shoe Box.
Last year we spent about $70.and filled two shoeboxes for a girl and a boy. It's a lot of fun, and you can send your child a personal letter and just imagine the smile on their face!
Get into the Spirit of Christmas by giving a shoe box and think who you are actually giving it too.......
For Jesus, Our King will say: 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.' Matthew 25:40

PS: if this post is messy I apologize. I'm having a terrible time at my computer tonite, and I'm going to go to bed now. :(

November 6, 2009

~ Do You Want To Love Jesus More? Learn To Pray The Rosary

"The word 'Rosary' means 'Crown of Roses,' that is to say that every time someone says the Rosary devoutly, they place a crown of one hundred fifty-three red roses and sixteen white roses upon the heads of Jesus and Mary. Being heavenly roses they will never fade or lose their exquisite beauty." ~Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

New video encouraging the recitation of the rosary

Quick Video Guide of the Rosary

"Blessed Mother , Come stay with us,
Holy Heavenly Family, come pray with us,
and offer all the rosaries that ever were and ever will be
to Our Heavenly Father for all humanity.
Let its power conquer hate and iniquity,
fill the world with peace and harmony,
crush the head of Satan, who lies in wait so stealthily.
The Almighty Majesty promised this would come to be.
Lord, Let our lowly rosaries, add strength in Unity,
so that the power of the devotion to Our Lady's Rosary
may be spread universally, and Your Will, will be done , as it is in Eternity,
For these Graces we humbly , Thank Thee. Amen."

There are many sites that offer the rosary online. click the pretty text by and you will be directed to .

come pray the rosary-

November 5, 2009

Prayer and Fasting can change the World

International Week of Prayer and Fasting
Please continue to pray and fast for the conversion of nations to end abortion and bring peace and for all Our Lady's intentions.

Facts about fasting brought to light in Medjugorje by Our Lady

Fasting is an armament, as Our Lady calls it, the "arms" in which to destroy Satan's power in your life. There are 26 main statements Our Lady has told us about fasting. The facts about fasting are as follows:

1. Fasting stops wars.
2. Fasting can suspend the laws of nature.
3. Fasting reduces punishments from God.
4. Fasting is an "arm," a weapon of significant power to defeat (of which atomic power does not compare).
5. Bread and water is the best fast.
6. Fasting, to be powerful, must be done with the heart.
7. Through fasting, the whole plan of Our Lady, that God himself planned for the world's salvation during this special time, will be achieved.
8. By giving our fasting to Our Lady, it "forces" Satan not to be able to seduce us to evil and drives him away.
9. Fasting purifies our hearts from the sins of our past (Through Confession, sins of the past are forgiven, but healing from life-long vice or memories that Satan uses against us to lead us back into sin, requires purification).
10. Fasting, coupled with prayer WILL obtain EVERYTHING you ask for (the exception would be something illicit).
11. Fasting sanctifies you to receive the Holy Spirit.
12. Humility is a fruit from fasting, when coupled with prayer.
13. The present fasting in the Church is not adequate. Our Lady desires this to change. She said fasting has been forgotten in the last quarter of this century in the Catholic Church.
14. Fasting is one element that keeps Satan from conquering us. Faith and prayer are the other two. We, in turn, are to conquer Satan. The arms to do so are fasting coupled with prayer.
15. Satan is enraged against those who fast and convert.
16. Fasting for the sick can cure them along with faith and prayer.
17. Fasting, along with prayer, was offered as a remedy by Our Lady to stop arguments among the Holy Priesthood.
18. Fasting will bring the Kingdom of God among us.
19. Fasting makes Our Lady happy.
20. Fasting will make prayer more vigorous.
21. Our Lady will make the maximum good come from our fast. She wants us to give our fast to Her in which she "disposes of them" according to the will of God.
22. Fasting, coupled with prayer, especially community prayer, will protect you from Satan's aggression in destroying marriages, creating division among priests and will crush him in his plans for obsessions and murders in society today of which Our Lady says he is responsible.
23. To obtain a grace from God, it is best you let no one know you are fasting.
24. We are to fast out of gratitude.
25. Fasting is to be encouraged in others.
26. Our Lady tells us to fast to prepare for the coming of Jesus.

**all facts are from the Fasting booklet published by Caritas, Birmingham, AL

I know October has come and gone but it's never too late. You can make November a journey of prayer and fasting also . Every time you pray the rosary , Our lady says to offer your worries to her, and in return PRAY FOR HER INTENTIONS. She will take care of your worries as long as you offer your prayers for her intentions. Simple right? It seems much easier to me . When I pray the rosary all's I have to do is offer my worries to her and pray for her intentions . That is much better then going through a laundry list of my own lol.

November 4, 2009

How NOT to put automatic music players on blogs

Excuse me , it's not that I dislike YOUR music , it's that I prefer to have the option in listening to it AFTER I visit your site. Automatic music players drive me away from you , so, if you want me to visit your blog , as most of you are appreciative of this, I suggest you make it as convenient as possible , and put it in a visible place, preferably at the top of the page , so I don't have to search for it , to only turn it off ! KThanks

Yes , this is a pet peeve . It's not only me , and I would like you to learn how to NOT put automatic music players on blogs - read this Building a Better Blog - Brent Riggs....

November 2, 2009

SkidMarks disease parody and the Truth about the Flu Shot

Watch a free animated short video , that parodies the drug companies and conventional healthcare system . Just click the link at the end of this message . You can also subscribe to Dr. Mercola's Free Health e-Newsletter.
 I didn't want to put it on the home page because it is an autoplay .

More on the Swine Flu - Find out all the reasons why pregnant women should NEVER get the H1N1 vaccine. Renowned expert exposes major H1N1 myths.

This vaccine has not been tested enough, and so it is not safe. The drug companies will not be liable if you should die from the vaccine.

Dr. Russel Blaylock's website