November 25, 2009

Oh Hey! I found my calling lol

I stumbled upon yesterday, and my boyfriend brought home a new pen for me last night lol. Is that a sign or something?

Check it out. I really really like the idea. When I was homeless (yes for about 10 minutes) I thought very quickly, as I was walking along, where could I go because the shelter for women here in Calgary wouldn't let me back in after I had gone to see my abusive husband again. I thought maybe my brother could let me stay with him for awhile. It's a good thing I did, I was pregnant too, and I had a kidney stone attack. If anyone has had kidney stones, you know how painful they are. I was worried I was going to lose the baby, but I didn't. Everything was fine after 3 or 4 days. I have since then got them lasered and never had a recurring attack of kidney stones. It seems like milk makes it worse, though.

Anyhow, I didn't want to impose on my brother, even though he was more than willing to accommodate me, I just didn't feel comfortable being there. My brother's wife is a really nice lady but I, for some reason feel really uncomfortable and inferior to her, so I looked for another place to live. The place I found was Youville. I really wanted to go there, and they let me in, even though they knew I was pregnant, I guess they wanted to help.

On with the point of the story. When I was at Youville, a 3rd stage shelter for women, we were supposed to keep a Journal. Youville was run by the Sisters of Charity.
There motto is : "Welcoming women who are in need of our services regardless of race, colour or creed, St. Marguerite d'Youville was known as the mother of universal charity"Sisters of Charity(Grey Nuns) of Alberta
We were told to submit our journals in every morning to our personal (nun, we each had one), and she would read it and write some things back. Sorta like spiritual guidance. I guess they are trained for that sort of stuff. I was pregnant, so I knew my stay was going to be shortened, but I had the most terrible time of my life! It was a very stressful time for me. I practically got into a physical fight with this one lady oy vey! I did come away with some tools for life, and that is keeping up with Journal writing. It is a very useful tool for recovery. However, I think if it used for therapy , it's best to have the spiritual guidance. Jesus is our Spiritual Director, isn't He? Yes!

I really like the idea of playing back the scriptures and to write about what Jesus is speaking to you through His Word, it's a beautiful thing to do I'd say.

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  1. Jackie, Thank you for following Grandma's Musings and for leaving a comment about Matthew Kelly.

    I haven't known how to locate the blogs of my followers, but finally clicked on it in my Dashboard. Viola! It wasn't very intuitive, or perhaps I've just been overwhelmed with all the gadgets.

    Your blog is absolutely marvelous. I love it. I really enjoy the many wonderful Christians blogging and witnessing on Facebook and Twitter. It's a lot to keep up with.
    I can see that the Holy Spirit is very active in your life, through all the suffering from mistakes. How very much He loves you (us).
    Thanks for the link to J4J. I'd love to do that, too.


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