August 20, 2011

August 18, 2011

Dream ....Sleep ... Relax!

I woke up at 4 am this morning and I couldn't sleep . After Phil went to work I tried again and dozed off until sometime after 8 am . I had 2 consecutive dreams waking up after each one . First one was , I live on the 8th floor and somehow in my dream this kid was talking to me through my window and it kind of disturbed me being that I was sleeping duh . Anyway I spoke a little harshly to him and told him "please use the front door , this is a window" . After about 3 minutes I heard a tap on my front door and there the kid was . I thanked him nicely for using the front door and to my surprise , there was streamers and decorations on my door and some boxes full of stuff which looked to me like a food hamper . I was extremely thankful ! BTW I live in a place where there is a lot of kids ,and a park in the middle of the complex where I hear them every day from morning till night .

2nd Dream felt like a continuation to the 1st dream. I don't know where I was living but it was a big place and workers were all around me and I was waiting for them to leave until I found this one lady,  in my bathroom , curling her hair with a curling iron and I said to her" Do you live here?" She said "Yes." I put my foot down and harshly said "This is my apartment !" .She knew I was right and she immediately left taking her curling iron with her . I didn't want her to go without giving me an explanation as to what she was doing in my bathroom to begin with . It was apparent that she wasn't one of the worker people. I had a lot of doors in my  house and one door led to my living room and before I closed off one door 3 ladies were entering another door and proceeded to clean my living space and replace old furniture staging the room again with new stuff . I suddenly realized they were there to help and said" Are you here to clean my house? " they smiled and one of them pleasantly said "Yes " . I never used my living room for a whole year and I still had an old christmas tree in the room and it definitely needed a little freshening up . They disassembled it for me and everything was starting to look really nice again .  I had too much furniture in the living room and they hauled away one table that I didn't want and kept the octagon one and dressed it nicely .

Lol I might be a little depressed but these dreams kinda made my day more relaxed and I think I can get everything done that I need to do today :) I must say that these acts of kindnesses inspire me to do the same for others . Wouldn't it be nice if I had the means to be able to do that sorta thing for other people? I know I sure appreciate it .

August 16, 2011

Say No to H8

UPDATED : By september 1st, if this family receives 100k likes on the NoH8 facebook page they will give 10k to the NOH8 campaign. 

I just want you to understand that I posted this on my sidebar before I had even known what it was about. I found out that the NOH8 campaign is about supporting the gay community - that's what you get for blindly promoting something .-heyy I'm all in favour for making hate disappear . All's they're asking is to be treated with love and respect as anyone else. Should we expect no less from them? 

I don't have anything against LGBT-(Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender relationships) in fact I don't think LOVE is biased or prejudiced or partial so neither should we be . 
It is still hard for me to believe that homosexuality IS about love. Growing up it wasn't portrayed like that and I always thought it was sexually corrupt, (I still do but ) there is a difference to hating someone as opposed to something . I don't hate them. I never thought being gay was about hate either, they do however strike me as being a little wierd. 

August 7, 2011

Good Enough 2 Eat Rice Salad

I am always looking for quick and easy recipes that are healthy and appealing . I think this is one of them . Rice Salad. Check out their website for more easy tasty recipes. i.e: Banana Ice Cream tastes just like ice cream and all you need is frozen bananas and a food processor . How easy is that! and so yummy .

Make Me Holy

click here
  ... to read a great article by Anna Mitchell from The Integrated Catholic Life. She gives us some practical ways to increase in personal holiness.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Gene Simmons proposed to Shannon Tweed after 28 years of living together. Well I guess it's never too late. Their relationship was on the rocks but they both seem to agree on working things out. In season 6 of their reality TV show , we are left hanging whether or not Shannon said yes . Listening to THIS interview does she reveal her answer? I would really like to see THE RING on her finger but she said in her tweets that it wasn't THE ring she was wearing on the couch .I also would like to know how much it cost.

If Gene and Shannon can stay happily un-married for so long, will marriage change things? (queue in suspense music) Anyway I'm looking forward to the upcoming season starting Sept 6th. I think they make a perfect un-married couple but we shall see if they can stay happily married. I think they are a perfect family anyway. If Gene wants to rule the world it is wise to start with his family for sure .

August 6, 2011

My Ideal Saturday Night

I don't like to drink but I do have one or two beer occasionally so drinking is not my idea of a good time . Oddly I feel better when I go to Church especially when I'm able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist . That makes everything feel a little lighter and brighter and gives me strength and graces and I like that . So my ideal saturday night would not be without going to Church first of all . Then going to some fancy restaurant with someone you love and ordering your favorite foods , whatever that may be . The ideal saturday night for me wouldn't be without having gone shopping for a dress or new shoes to wear. Going out to a movie afterwards is how I like to spend Saturday nights. Expect it isn't cheap , that's all .

1. shopping for a nice dress or shoes or both
2. going to church
3. nice restaurant good food
4. movie