August 18, 2011

Dream ....Sleep ... Relax!

I woke up at 4 am this morning and I couldn't sleep . After Phil went to work I tried again and dozed off until sometime after 8 am . I had 2 consecutive dreams waking up after each one . First one was , I live on the 8th floor and somehow in my dream this kid was talking to me through my window and it kind of disturbed me being that I was sleeping duh . Anyway I spoke a little harshly to him and told him "please use the front door , this is a window" . After about 3 minutes I heard a tap on my front door and there the kid was . I thanked him nicely for using the front door and to my surprise , there was streamers and decorations on my door and some boxes full of stuff which looked to me like a food hamper . I was extremely thankful ! BTW I live in a place where there is a lot of kids ,and a park in the middle of the complex where I hear them every day from morning till night .

2nd Dream felt like a continuation to the 1st dream. I don't know where I was living but it was a big place and workers were all around me and I was waiting for them to leave until I found this one lady,  in my bathroom , curling her hair with a curling iron and I said to her" Do you live here?" She said "Yes." I put my foot down and harshly said "This is my apartment !" .She knew I was right and she immediately left taking her curling iron with her . I didn't want her to go without giving me an explanation as to what she was doing in my bathroom to begin with . It was apparent that she wasn't one of the worker people. I had a lot of doors in my  house and one door led to my living room and before I closed off one door 3 ladies were entering another door and proceeded to clean my living space and replace old furniture staging the room again with new stuff . I suddenly realized they were there to help and said" Are you here to clean my house? " they smiled and one of them pleasantly said "Yes " . I never used my living room for a whole year and I still had an old christmas tree in the room and it definitely needed a little freshening up . They disassembled it for me and everything was starting to look really nice again .  I had too much furniture in the living room and they hauled away one table that I didn't want and kept the octagon one and dressed it nicely .

Lol I might be a little depressed but these dreams kinda made my day more relaxed and I think I can get everything done that I need to do today :) I must say that these acts of kindnesses inspire me to do the same for others . Wouldn't it be nice if I had the means to be able to do that sorta thing for other people? I know I sure appreciate it .

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