August 16, 2011

Say No to H8

UPDATED : By september 1st, if this family receives 100k likes on the NoH8 facebook page they will give 10k to the NOH8 campaign. 

I just want you to understand that I posted this on my sidebar before I had even known what it was about. I found out that the NOH8 campaign is about supporting the gay community - that's what you get for blindly promoting something .-heyy I'm all in favour for making hate disappear . All's they're asking is to be treated with love and respect as anyone else. Should we expect no less from them? 

I don't have anything against LGBT-(Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender relationships) in fact I don't think LOVE is biased or prejudiced or partial so neither should we be . 
It is still hard for me to believe that homosexuality IS about love. Growing up it wasn't portrayed like that and I always thought it was sexually corrupt, (I still do but ) there is a difference to hating someone as opposed to something . I don't hate them. I never thought being gay was about hate either, they do however strike me as being a little wierd. 

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