October 29, 2020

Drawlloween Day 29- The Brilliant Professor Pumpkin

This might not look like a professor pumpkin but it's a pumpkin and you have to admit it's brilliant blazing luminous

"All tricks. No treats."
Hollow head from Fortnite.

Countdown to Halloween #Drawlloween 2020 Day 29 - Crow

This Crow looks mean and is not the 3-eyed Raven. Ravens are actually different than Crows.  

Learn the Difference

  • Ravens are bigger and their wingspans are longer.
  • their tails are shaped like an arrow and the Crows tails look cut off. 
  • Raven's actions are calmer, and crows appear more nervous. 
  • Ravens can soar, Crows cannot. 
  • Crows are limited in the sounds they make too like caw caw caw. Ravens can make different sounds and can actually talk.
  • Ravens beaks are larger and thicker and sometimes have a hook on the end. Crows beaks are smaller, sharp, and pointy. Here is the video where I got the information from theravendiaries. Anyway, I thought he needed to look as black as midnight.

video tutorial @ Shoo Rayner Drawing

October 28, 2020

Drawlloween 2020 Day 28- Graveyard in the Playground


Countdown to Halloween #Drawlloween Day 28 - Witch

reference video: Art for Kids Hub


this was just a coloring page


The reference I used for the witch and the cauldron is on Art for Kids Hub. The rat was from another video channel called Easydrawings101
A cartoon Witch, Black Cat, and Raven all in one. You can find these on Youtube extraordinaire Arts For Kids Hub 

October 27, 2020

The Orphan of Cemetery Hill - My reflection

The Orphan of Cemetery Hill

The Orphan of Cemetery Hill by Hester Fox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We are introduced to Tabby as a child in Boston Massachusetts. In the 1800s. She and her sister have escaped their aunt and uncle for fear of performing works of spiritualism.

They were using her gift to make them money. 

It must have been awful for her to be taken advantage of like a slave while being made fun of. So to protect Tabby, Alice leaves her on the steps of a church to go find help and doesn't come back. I don't know what she was hoping to find. They were in danger of men like Mr. Whitby who were hunting them. Mr. Whitby knew they had the gift and it's what he wanted them for. Science. It happened that they caught the wrong girl. It was Tabby they wanted. Anyway, Tabby never tells anyone about her gift, and lives in a cemetery, with the caretaker of the graveyard Eli, and meets a young boy whose name is Caleb.

Caleb inherits his father's shipping business but he was a cruel and abusive father and Caleb didn't want any of it. He was always interested in architect and design. He dreams of having his name on a plaque for such architect masterpieces as seen in London. 
He meets Tabby in the Cemetery and is pulled by a strong attraction that would carry them both through the tough times and the dark ones. It was a budding romance and I'm here for it. Caleb was to marry Rose Hammond however, but she was found dead and made to look like Caleb was the chief suspect. The real perpetrator walked Scott free and that is the injustice of it. Highly intelligent, Harvard educated and wealthy men aka the resurrection men, were the bulwarks of a mad and evil society, the likes of which Tabby dares to confront and accuse of the murder of Rose Hammond.

Tabby believed Caleb was innocent because she spoke to the spirit of Rose that told her who killed her so there's that. Since then she's been trying to save his ass but every time he runs away. He flees to London on a boat from Boston and accidentally finds a portrait in a window of someone who looks just like Tabby. It was her sister Alice! 

I was elated at the news that Caleb would meet her. After seeing a portrait in a pawn shop window he was off in search of her and that leads him to Edinburgh. He gets a job after being robbed and beaten of all his pocket change. I liked Caleb for many reasons but mostly because he was not a drinker and he loved to draw. He did have a bad habit of gambling though. If it weren't that Tabby was in trouble and needed him, I am sure he would have stayed in Edinburgh in his dream job of being an architect. Just before he sailed back to Boston with Alice, his boss offered him a promotion. I like to think he goes back someday because the book didn't tie up that thread I can only imagine the HEA for Caleb and Tabby.

Countdown to Halloween #Drawlloween Day 27 - Oops, Where's My Skeleton


October 26, 2020

Countdown to Halloween #Drawlloween Day 26 - Fish

Angler Fish video tutorial @ Art for Kids Hub

The Koi fish was an Art For Kids Hub video tutorial on how to draw a Koi Fish

Drawlloween Day 26- Beach House Beasts

I wish I could illustrate these "beasts' in one artsy beachy fabulous drawing, but that would take years. Regardless they are fun to draw and I really don't like bugs of any sort. To me, they are a nightmare.

I followed Art for Kids Hub video tutorials on how to draw the Tarantula, Ant and Fly

October 24, 2020

Book Review: Déjà Dead

Déjà Dead (American in Paris Mysteries #1)

Déjà Dead by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Goodreads Summary: 

Things can get pretty dark in the City of Light Claire Baskerville is a sixty-something American who finds herself alone in Paris when her husband is brutally murdered. Reeling from the onslaught of devastating secrets he left behind Claire is stunned to realize she no longer knows who to trust. She only knows she can’t move forward until she finds out the truth behind who killed her husband. In spite of a genetic brain anomaly that makes it impossible for her to remember faces –even ones she’d seen just moments before, and all alone in a foreign city, Claire doggedly collects the clues that will lead her to her husband’s killer. Unfortunately, the closer she gets to the truth, the more determined that the killer is to make sure she never leaves Paris alive. ***
This book is a clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language Genre: women amateur sleuth 

I appreciate the chapters had titles. It just broke up the monotony TBH and kept me from putting the book down. Also, the chapters were short so there's that.

Claire and her husband love Paris but when Bob is found dead in their hotel room, Claire goes into detective mode to find his killer because the police aren't giving due diligence to protect Claire to the full extent of the law! Someone is hiding the truth and her life is in danger. What is up with the French police?

Claire finds herself tangled up in lies that involve a crooked cop and some shady characters. Claire will have to rely on herself to do the investigation. She has the ability to track people. She is tough and focused but not so young anymore. 
This book appeals to the over 50 mostly and well I think that it's great.

While in Paris she also receives news that her father has died and so she inherits an apartment worth a million euros. It belonged to her father Claude Lapin ← (means rabbit btw) who she never knew that well. 

Anyway, he considers her his daughter even though she wasn't his own by blood. Claire learns her real mother had an affair while married to Claude so she is really Phillipe's daughter. She doesn't know her real father. Regardless I love that her apartment is near the Champs-Elysees. 

I love the atmosphere of Paris! 

I can picture her walking her dog Izzy and talking with her consoling trusty neighbor Genevieve. I could not get a taste of the food, however. I know what brioche is- just bread with chocolate inside, no big deal.

Joelle Lapin is Claire's wicked stepmother who thinks Claire should not inherit her father's estate. 
The judge had already ruled in Claire's favor so that pretty much deems Joelle an enemy.
I am pretty happy for Claire and her daughter and grandson.
Otherwise, Claire's adventures in Paris are a nail-biting horrific ordeal.

Countdown to Halloween #Drawlloween Day 24 - Bat


bat reference video tutorial on Art for Kids Hub

October 22, 2020

Countdown to Halloween 2020 #Drawlloween Day 22 - Frankenstein

Frankenstein Art for Kids Hub video tutorial

I tried drawing Frankenstein from this video tutorial with the background scenery. bwa ha. what a disaster.

I hate this one. I followed a Shoo Raynars video.

I watched this video on how to draw Frankensteins monster but it ended without finishing!! So I'm left with what I have. I do not know how to finish it. Someday. At least I have a reference, however, I don't know how I'm going to draw those staples and whatever the heck is growing on his face :/

October 19, 2020

Drawlloween 2020 Day 19 - Vroom Vroom Vampire

If you are familiar with Kat and Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress novels Cat is pictured on the front of One Foot in the Grave. I drew her and the bat possibly being Bones? IDK but they are a romantic couple.

Tell me; can you still see it? Please don't tell me everything that is wrong with it. I already know it's awful perfection lol (I'm kidding)

The reference I used

October 18, 2020