November 11, 2009

LOVE my New Blog!?

Thanks to Heather from butterfly girls blog designs. I got a really really nice blog. [edited] I tried sticking my own picture into the header, but my problem was finding a way to move objects around. She fixed the title font color! I love the colors of the layout. She also made a signature and a link button. I have a cute blog now yay! O LORD Yahweh how grateful I am.
Since most of the FREE layouts come already made, I couldn't ask for more really BUT... Personally, I don't know if leaving the title and description behind the uploaded header is enough! I appreciate FREE layouts with all the frills and basic installation instructions, so THANK YOU !.
Check out the word of blog. You only have to refresh the page. Right now I have a total of 12 FREE blogger backgrounds and layout and designs of some sort. Well most of them are free, save for Designer Blogs. About word of the blog right now, I think it has some kind of virus, and I emailed the owner but no reply. I don't know if it's safe.
I took a computer course once, but that's it. We never had computers when I was going to school, I taught myself; and the knowledge to perform the basic tasks, nevermind in certain software like Photoshop and Gimp and or Ink, like learning to speak a new language.

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