December 8, 2010

Twas the Write before christmas - day 3


Just click on the picture to see todays prompt. As I was listening to the song it made me think of a story I heard about a little boy whose father needed to come up with a plan for his company to be successful . (The story is a parable about God the Father and the Son Jesus Christ)

Anyway the little boy kept knocking on his dads study door because he was bored and had been left at home with his dad in charge of him, after the mother had stepped out to go to the store . His dad knew that he would never be able to meet his deadline if he didn't try to come up with a way that would keep the little boy from knocking on his study door every five minutes or so .

So, he saw a picture of a map of the world in a magazine and ripped it out of the book into little pieces and said "son , if you could put the map of the world together I will give you 5 dollars" So he went to work on the task right away.

Thinking it would buy him 20 - 30 minutes he was surprised to hear another knock on the study door "son how did you put together the map of the world so quickly?" the boy proudly says: " well, I didn't know what the map of the world looked like but when I saw the other side of the pieces of paper, there was a picture of a man , I put the picture of the man together on another piece of paper, then I flipped it over, cause I thought if I got the man right , the world would be right" .

That line has stuck with me and is the most important message . It was a story that Matthew Kelly gave once at one of his talks . I've written about it before but this is good practice :)

God's not through with us yet .Praise God! He gives us His Son so that we may have Life, just as long as we accept the little babe in the manger , who gave His will in exchange for our will . This is what he's asking from each one of us . So we must prepare to receive Christ this Christmas . This is a GREAT LOVE from a GREAT GOD and FATHER of us ALL !

Peace on earth goodwill to men . See how much the Father Loves us , in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us . Romans 5:8


  1. I lovely reminder of this story!Thanks for sharing..blessings to you.

  2. Such a smart boy! And such a nice story. Thank you for sharing this. I'll remember it, and share it myself.

  3. Interesting, I've never heard that story before, but it has so many possible angles.

  4. I love it, thank you! Thank you for linking up.
    What a wonderful image to take to bed!


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