December 8, 2010

Twas the Write before christmas - Day 2


Day Two Prompt:

“Underneath the mistletoe last night…”

Without mistletoe there would be no kisses! Remember Scrooge? The Charles Dickens classic is a favorite holiday movie . I kind of like Bill Murray in Scrooged when at the end he kisses 'the dancer'? underneath the mistletoe . I can't remember exactly who it was . I'm going to have to see it again . "I saw Scrooge kissing underneath the mistletoe last night "

Ok well it's probably not one of the top 10 moments anyway but if you go to 4:45 it skips to the part where he just finishes singing and dancing followed with the number 2 best moment.


  1. Hehe. I'm going to have to watch Scrooge now.

  2. Oh my did I ever forget about the Scrooge with Bill Murray???! Awesome..I'm definitely going to have to watch that ASAP!


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