December 27, 2010

Choose your Saint for 2011!

Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary created a Saints Name Generator . I think it is very useful .You can use it to choose a saint's name at random and perhaps get to know more about him/her for the next year as well as make him/her your "holy protector". Apparently there is a custom/devotion of choosing a saint for the year It also gives you more information about that particular saint .

I also heard about the idea on  Mary TV . Only they list off a bunch of saints and you are supposed to just pick one . If you are indecisive like me ,it can be too hard to choose one.

saint Anthony the Abbot
The Saint it chose for me was St. Anthony the Abbot .
Feast: January 17
Patronage: Against Skin Diseases; Amputees; Animals; Butchers; Domestic Animals; Epileptics; Graveyards; Hermits; Monks

I've never heard of him before , but from what I read , he's very cool. He lived to be about 105 years old! He would be someone that I would've liked to meet in real life most definitely . His feast day is also coming up very soon . Here's a bit more about him :

Saint Antony (251-356), the Patriarch of all monks was born at Coma in upper Egypt, at the age of twenty he gave away his property which was considerable, to the poor and lived as a hermit near his native place. About the year 305 he established a community at Fayum and another shortly after at Pispir. Thus he was the first to establish the religious life as we know it today, by gathering together large groups of hermits into loose communities. Soon he became famous throughout Egypt and beyond, and was in great demand as an advisor by people of every rank. He was a personal friend of Saint Athanasius and his staunch supporter against the Arians, whom he arraigned as heretics in a public sermon preached at Alexandria at the invitation of Athanasius, when he was ninety years old. Athanasius himself became St. Antony's biographer. St Antony died in his hermitage on Mt. Kolzim, near the Red Sea. In art he is frequently shown with a T-shaped cross and a pig. The latter, perhaps originally the symbol of evil, became associated with a privilege of the Hospital Brothers of St. Antony founded in the 17th century. St Antony's fire was apparently and epidemic form of erysipelas against which the saint's intercession was invoked.

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St. Antony Pray For Us!

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