December 4, 2010

Almond Kisses - On the 2nd Day of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas the Divas gave to me TWO
almond morsels And ONE delicious Tera Bite!

Brought to you by the Raw Divas 
Credits for the recipe card from Stuff to Scrap
courtesy of me. 


  1. oooh! This sounds yummy. But how much water do you have to use for blending the almonds? Do you soak them with water just covering the top of the almonds? I've not cooked this way before. It's gluten-free which is just my cup of tea!

  2. Hi Barbara! Thanks for stopping by . Ok I should have posted the Directions sorry about .
    Directions: Blend almonds with water to make almond milk (Save milk for
    something delicious!)
    irdk . The recipe didn't say how much water but then it says: Take the almond pulp & add enough
    date-water to make a firm paste. Add the dried cranberries
    and chopped dates. Drop by spoonfuls onto flex tray. Dehydrate
    until soft-cookie consistency or longer if you like a
    crunchy cookie.

    By saving the almond milk, you'll have a great
    drink in which to dunk those cookies!

    I guess it is up to you to use as much water you like to suit your taste of almond milk sorry but it doesn't say :(


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