December 17, 2010

First Karaoke Christmas video!

Ok well we aren't the mormon Tabernacle choir and I probably could have used some back up singers lol . I screwed this song up big time . This was done 2 years ago while we were at the Zoo Lights.

They had a karaoke booth I thought would be fun to do as we got our download to add to our myspace or facebook page after a couple days for FREE. Last year we went again but the booth wasn't operating . I was pretty disappointed about that. Ever since Phil and I met , the Zoo has been a big part of our christmas tradition and we like to go every year. We are planning to go this weekend to see the christmas lights at the Zoo again. I hope they still have the FREE karaoke christmas video tent . But anyway , Phil was suffering from a cold and he apparently needed to sneeze , he said. lol . It's not easy singing acapella on the First Noel . I couldn't hear the music and when I did , I was way off Lol . you try it lol

Merry Christmas !

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Here's a decent rendering

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