December 3, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Cookies

This is the 3rd day of the Green Smoothie countdown to Christmas and my stomach hasn't been feeling all that well . I mean it's making odd noises that I normally don't have . I made 1 blenderful of the green concoction each day so far  . This is what it looked like today . I love the color Green ! Yesterday it wasn't so green and that is probably why I felt sick lol

 I also have been suffering with headaches , probably because i've been smoking more . However, it makes me feel full whereas there is no room for big meals so that's good .

As a participant I am priviledged to receive in my inbox a Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies to share with my friends and family .They do sound delicious and I may be persuaded to try them but I don't have a food processor and my blender will not do the job for that I'm afraid .

Here's the first day for you:

On the first day of Christmas the Divas gave to me...

ONE delicious Tera Bite!

Tera Bites
(from Tera's kitchen)

1 cup dates
2 Tbs. coconut butter
3 Tbs. raw cacao
1 Tbs. orange juice


Blend all together in a food processor or blender.
Roll into bite-sized pieces. Refrigerate!

The more you blend them the smoother they become. I have put the whole amount on a piece of waxed paper and formed a large square, then scored in small squares and cut as fudge.

These just melt in your mouth, BABY! Have you caught the holiday spirit yet? I'm sure filled with mistletoe and spice today!

Sending you Holiday Hugs and Cacao Kisses!

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