April 22, 2011

What my city is known for

The City of Calgary is known for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth , 10 days of Stampede rodeo and bucking cowboys, full of yahoos and yeehaws .

The city celebrates with flapjacks and bacon and hayrides and lots of free entertainment and food everywhere . It starts off with the Stampede Parade filled with horses and lively floats and ponies and every evening there is a grandstand show following the Chuckwagon races with fireworks to end off the night . The Stampede grounds hosts lots of Midway Rides and edible things . It has an Indian Village with real TeePees and if you never had Bannick before this is where you can get it . Yumm


  1. Stampede sounds like a blast! Maybe one day I'll get there. :) I remember flying to Vancouver (with a stop in Calgary) when I was about 11 years old. There were a ton of people in cowboy hats at the airport...and I remember someone saying it was Stampede week. Amazing what you remember more than 35 years prior!

  2. Ages and ages ago, our family lived in Three Hills, Alberta. I can't remember now just how close that is to Calgary, but I know it was the closest real city. Never got to the stampede though.



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