April 11, 2011

OhLife - a daily journal

Write a journal entry every day by email using this awesome new website called OhLife . It sends you an email asking "How was your day" and you simply write whatever you want . It can be as short or as long as you like and all you do is hit reply and it will post on your daily OhLife journal . You must sign up right now, It's free and it's so cool . The website is very sleek and clean looking and now you can even add a picture along with your entry . If you made some mistakes you can edit your text on site. What more can you ask for?
When you've written many entries, you can have them printed out . Isn't that great ?! Check it out http://ohlife.com/r/yc7a7d5

Here is how my first entry today looks like :

I'm sorry , only I can see my OhLife journal entry but if you want to keep a journal online like this sign up for it . 

Here is what I wrote : 
Sunday April 10,
After some procrastinating , I made the right decision and went to Church. Mass began at 11 am and it usually takes me a half an hour to walk so I left the house about 10:30 . The weather was gorgeous and a little breezy , my hands were cold but it was a nice day . I also , while I walked, prayed a few decades of the rosary . As I got closer to the church I pulled the rosary out so I could finish it in church . I came in , genuflected, noticed there was a whole pew for myself , not crowded yet, and was on the Nativity so I centered myself , relaxed and silently finished praying the rosary . The band was practicing, ugh, I don't like all the noise but what can I do? Soon more people came in and two lovely ladies , I'm sure, sat down in the pew in front of mine . I had to close my eyes so as not to get too distracted with all the noise. I managed to finish my rosary as soon as the announcer began to speak .
The gospel reading was about the raising of Lazarus and the first and second readings related to it . Jesus will raise the dead from our graves when he comes again . It refers to the spiritually dead too . Anyway Fr. Myles Gaffney presided and I , as usual, couldn't take communion so I went up for a blessing instead . I will try harder to go to confession next week . I always feel a ton better after going to Church . After mass , I went to Tim Horton's for an Ice Cap and a sour glazed doughnut.

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