April 4, 2011

If you could have dinner anywhere in the world tonite , where would it be?


  1. Let's see...The best meal I ever ate in my life was at a restaurant in Sun Valley. The meal was venison--and exquisite. I never forgot that evening.

  2. hm...that would be so hard for me to pick! (I am the one that even has a hard time deciding what to order from a menu, when I am at a restaurant!)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (sorry for replying back to you here, but your setting is such that a reply would end up going to the "noreply" place from the notifications because of your settings on your profile. If you want to change that, here is how you do it: (Go to your dashboard. Click on Edit Profile. Click 'show my email address'. Save Profile.)

    Anyways, back to my reply to your question of my art giveaways. Yes, if your name is selected from a random drawing of the ones that left a comment on that post, it might be for one 8x10 eagle, or one 8x10 monogram, or one of the two 20% off certificates to be used on any size/any single image art in any name. Thanks again for stopping by :o)


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