April 22, 2011

St. Antony of the Desert's Advice

I had acquired St. Antony of the desert for a patron saint in 2011 through  Saints Name Generator. He is the patronage against skin diseases among other things.

It has been an amazing influence and awareness so far. I hope to continue seeking  St. Antony's Advice; he says 'to not be led astray by the feasting of the stomach.'(as it is written in Proverbs)  I must admit the one word I chose to improve on this year was 'Health'.  I started the year off with a master cleanse for 10 days and started eating raw food which has been somewhat challenging.

I love eating raw fruits and vegetables .  I enjoy a green smoothie everyday. I hope I can continue eating this way and learn about the health benefits of different foods. I count it all a blessing.

He also says : to trust in the Lord, and love Him, so as to keep yourself from bad thoughts and bodily pleasures, and to flee vainglory: Is that the same as worldly pursuits? I could be wrong and I hope I understand this correctly. Whatever the vanity of vanities and all is vanity means in ecclesiastes . I also have to work harder in the area of prayer ; to pray always, to sing psalms before sleeping and after, to repeat by heart the commandments of the Scriptures and to remember the deeds of the Saints, that by their example the soul may train itself under the guidance of the Commandments. I should get into studying the word of God everyday but I fail to do that as it takes me about an hour just to get into it.

Thank you St. Antony and I pray you help me find my purpose in life to the greater Glory of God. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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