April 18, 2011

My Holy Week Agenda

....I must remember this weeks reconciliation is on Wednesday from 3-5 pm at Holy Name Parish. There will be several priests to hear confession AND the outdoor Way of The Cross on Good Friday starting and ending at St. Mary's Cathedral downtown beginning at 9:30 am.
Outdoor way of the cross

I made it to mass on Palm Sunday . As I was finishing praying the rosary , I saw this cute little girl in front of me was staring at my rosary. It was dangling in front of her and she showed me her palm branch that was made into a cross. I was jealous of her palm branch :( (not really ) but mine was just a straight boring palm leaf . I found out after the service , that the church had a whole basket full of palm leaves already made into cross shapes! Well, I exchanged my measly ole boring palm leaf for the cross shaped one . Needless to say I was happy about that; it was like the highlight of my day . UPDATE: click for invaluable instructions to making your own Palm Cross

I'd felt disconnected from the Church community since my parents divorced about 30 years ago . I hope that changes and I become a regular contributing member of society because I really want to feel like I belong in Church and not just a useless member. I need to better discipline myself .

It also snowed quite a bit today . Anyway , I am really eager to learn more about Online business systems and Herbalife . I hope I can make all the necessary life changes to succeed in this business and make it a career . I'm excited, but for now I need patience and discipline and to attend weekly mass or maybe even daily mass -[Written in my daily Journal entry at OhLife ]

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