September 9, 2011

Yard Free Maintenance

Big Trees Little Girls
When my sister and I walked through an older neighborhood in North-Vancouver we noticed some pretty nice curb appeal. The lawns were well kept and the flowers bloomed in the front yard . The lush greenery was a marvel to look at . It made us feel thankful . 

Amid this beautiful scenery , nothing could have been more unexpected and stifling then this one front yard. 

It brought tears to our eyes from laughing so hard. In spite of how unsightly and unnatural it was, I'd never seen a maintenance free gravel yard before! I wonder if anyone else found it as funny as we did that day. 

I understand the appeal in not having to mow the lawn but it failed because taking the beauty of nature and removing it must be hard work and the amount of time it takes to keep everything from growing in vancouver could be a major challenge. Maybe they couldn't grow anything and everything died on them , who knows , maybe they just gave up . Losers. 

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