June 4, 2012

The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride

The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride (The Vampire Bride Series)
The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride (The Vampire Bride Series)

The Vengeance of the Vampire Bride by Rhiannon Frater

Kindle Edition
Published September 22nd, 2011
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lady Glynis Wright sought revenge for her families slaughter at the hands of Vlad Dracula, but the plan was never revealed as to how she was going to do that save for killing those who betrayed her and her family. When she arrived at the Palace of Lady Dosza, she was welcome and was safe there. At the same time, she was given warnings not to do anything rash and to lay low for awhile until further notice. The reason being there was a Vampire War happening between two Houses: The House of Bataar and The House of Ilcana and her brother.

This lasted for months, and a lot had happened to the Countess of Dracula. She acquired a new progeny Laura, and she waited a long time to be reunited with her lover Ignatius who was in Vienna with his Mistress who happened to be The Ruler of Vampires even though there was no such hierarchy in vampire law. Still, she was the One all vampires honored. Even Count Dracula and Ignatius were this woman's progeny, yet she is still a mystery. Anyway, all the Countess ever wanted was to be free from Vlad Dracula and his enslavement and she became Lady Glynis Wright of her own House in the end, and what an ending it was!

I really enjoyed this story even when it seemed to drag on, but I'm glad I finished reading it because it was incredible, and I look forward to another installment which Rhianna hoped to give us some time in 2012? I will definitely be waiting for the 3rd installment.

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  1. I'm so glad you ended up liking this series. I haven't read it myself, but I've heard so many amazing things about it and I have her zombie series in my hand to start. My mother loved it, which is really saying something. I think what I love most about this series is the gothic dark side to it. Not everyone focuses on the evil of Vlad Tepesh and it'll be fun to see Rhiannon do it! :)


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