September 15, 2012

Writing 750 Words A Day

Well, well a well is a hole in the ground . So ya, somewhere on the internet there is a place called 750 words. It helps you to write at least everyday. So this is going to be a practice run .

It takes practice to write. I want to get into the habit of writing and writing well Today I wrote 838 words but I'm just an egg. The egg is how we all start.

Since I started this blog, it has been a very difficult task and writing has never come easy and all I ever seem to do is copy other peoples stuff which isn't cool right? I always find other content off the web more interesting to share and there is a lot of that . I love youtube videos and aspire to make my own someday ...ya right .

Anyway, my first time at the computer was a nightmare probably because I wanted to make money online .
I joined myspace and was a regular on the religion and philosophy forum . I got banned from there a few times too many and then myspace ended up taking all the forums down . So. I went to blogger for awhile . I have never been able to come up with a title for my blog as I am only doing it for fun really . I have no other use for it . At the moment I am using it for book reviews . Now I seem to be spending most of my online time on Youtube . Watching the Shaytards is time consuming . I got to know them quite a bit .

I was into raw food for awhile and watched all the raw foodist videos such as Dan the Man The life regenerator, It's been at times inspiring. I can't keep up with only fruits and vegetables though. I like meat and sandwiches too .

I enjoyed Plinky for awhile but the questions seem to repeat themselves . Oh well it was fun while it lasted . I've wasted time on sites like but haven't really become addicted to pinterest yet . I guess that will be for another time .
Have I ever told you how much I cannot stand Facebook? UGH!! I hate that darn site! It is absolutely inconceivably infuriating to me. Anyway ....I need to calm down . So I want to learn to write good and more . I'm not feeling it so far . How am I doin? I'm told to just let whatever comes to mind and write so here I am .
I don't think that I know what I'm doing so this isn't very fun . I'm not enjoying myself .

Today I went to Wal-mart. Never liked waiting in those lines at the check out . Safeway was never that way and it still is better than Walmart . However , I stepped in line and I was about the fourth person in line . The lady in front of me was putting her things on the belt . Another cashier opens her till up and sends out a message "I can help the next person in line" So that was me. I became first in line from being last yet there was another lady behind me. Oh happy joy ! Yes ! I was glad to be served without having to wait long after all . I had heard the lady in front of me say something I guess she thought she would remove her stuff she had already put on the conveyer belt but then all she said was something like "Oh well ,unfortunately I already have my things on the counter" . Ha!

I watched Snow White and the Huntsmen. Chris Hemsworth plays the Huntsmen who holds an axe in his hand . There were dwarfs, faeries and a wicked queen who knew magic . typical old bitty played by Charlize Theron. Kristen Stewart had the role of Snow White . I like her . I think she's pretty but she wasn't a warrior. She didn't know how to fight which was a bit of disappointment. She's no Xena that's for sure unfortunately . I don't know if she could pull that off either.There was a scene where she collapsed in the forest just like she did in Twilight New Moon . I had to roll my eyes because Twilight is the highlight of her career and I have to wonder if she will ever be allowed to get over that but I don't expect her to want to either. Soooooo...I liked the historical fantasy in this movie .

I am coming to the end of my 750 words now so I will just say that this wasn't easy . Oh and I have learnt that I write better at night when everyone else is supposedly sleeping . My brain functions more quietly .

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