December 2, 2012

Iced Gods Christmas

Ice Gods Christmas

Ice Gods Christmas by Helen Scott Taylor

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I loved Ice Gods!

The short story takes place in Iceland where we find everything frozen which is the same kind of weather I'm living in at the moment and why it's the perfect book to read :)

Annika was tragically stripped of her 'god' powers by Odin when she was born. She is the daughter of Vali Son of Loki. Without knowing what or who her family really is, she meets Tyr, the owner of Santa's Magical wonderland. She had hopes of finding her roots in Iceland when he invites her to meet her father at the Yule Fest.
Tyr is the son of Odin.
I loved Tyr's sleigh! O and his Snow Cat Helga! omg the cat is a tiger! The magical land of Valhalla is the place they traveled to and it was out of this world! literally
Tyr has kept many secrets from her but the story erupts in a beautiful fairytale romance. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I liked that it was a quick short read too. Santa's Wonderland is truly A PLACE WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE for Annika.
Her gaze jumped back to the creature pulling the sleigh and her eyes bugged. A huge white cat the size of a tiger strained against the harness.

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Goodreads Summary

Ice Gods ChristmasA trip to Iceland to find her father turns into a nightmare when she is transported to the icy palace of Valhalla and lands in the middle of the Ice Gods family feud. Odin's son has loved and protected her from afar. Now she is in his world, he can finally make her his.

About the Author 

Helen Scott Taylor’s first novel, The Magic Knot, won the American Title contest in 2008, was a Golden Heart® finalist, and was chosen as one of Booklist’s top ten romances of 2009. Since then, she has published other novels, novellas, and short stories in both the UK and USA.Her published works have been finalists in a number of contests including the Holt Medallion, the Lories, the Prism Contest, the Write Touch Award and the Maggies.

Helen lives in South West England near Plymouth in Devon between the windswept expanse of Dartmoor and the rocky Atlantic coast. As well as her wonderful long-suffering husband, she shares her home with two Shih Tzus and an aristocratic chocolate-shaded-silver-burmilla cat who rules the household with a velvet paw. She believes that deep within everyone there’s a little magic.

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