February 20, 2013

Tigers Quest

Tiger's Quest (The Tiger Saga, #2)

Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story takes us on a quest to Shangri-la, where they have to locate a scarf belonging to the goddess Durga

Wow! what a place! I loved it! The people and animals were peaceful and there are faeries! It was interesting to see Noah's Ark as well . The food was vegetarian and scrumptious. According to an ancient prophecy the Scarf is part of the secret to undo the 'tigers curse' which when all 4 items are retrieved the spell will be broken and Dhiren and Kishan will be men again. In the first book the gift was a golden egg. But these gifts have magical power and are OH SO AWESOME! They also are given weapons to use on their unspeakable journeys/quests.

It starts off with Kelsey going back to Portland Oregon in attempt to forget about Dhiren, her white tiger. She barely recovers and tries desperately to put the past behind her but her feelings for Dhiren are undeniable . She loves him.

I love how Mr. Kadam and Dhiren compensate Kelsey for her help! She finds it hard to accept their generosity though. When Nilima takes her to her new house and is given keys to her own car and is surprised that she is well taken care of. There was no way Kelsey could have expected all this when she applied for that job working at the Circus. I enjoyed the wealth and perks of her job probably more than she did Lol.

Around Christmastime Dhiren comes to Oregon. It was an unexpected surprise and happy reunion. They both profess their undying love for each other but Lokesh is rearing his ugly head and eventually spoils their happiness. They had to call Kishan for back up and soon enough Lokesh sends an army of men to ambush them in the forest behind their house. Kelsey, Dhiren and Kishan fought to stay alive but Dhiren never made it out. Kishan had to carry an unconscious Kelsey to safety onto the rescue plane. That was the last we heard of Dhiren as we know him.

My thoughts about Kishan is that he's a girlfriend thief. I think he only likes Kelsey because her brother loves her . That might be what attracts him more to Yesubai and Kelsey_ idk but it certainly doesn't persuade me. I am still Team Ren at this point. It seemed when Ren didn't remember Kelsey, Kishan's attraction for Kelsey waned a bit too .

Ren is rescued but he is suffering from Amnesia and was cruelly tortured. My thoughts are that Durga took Ren's memories of Kelsey. She did mention that there was a price to pay for protecting Ren. I shall look forward to getting some much needed answers in Tigers Voyage.

O what a series ! I. Love. It.

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