October 5, 2015

Scary book of the month - Library of Souls

What is the underworld ferryman's name who guides dead souls on the river Styx? Is it Charon? Library of Souls has it's own tour guide and his name is Sharon.

~ Chapter 2 ~ 

Sharon the boat guide, unlike Charon who never talks, warns them of the never ending dangers of Devil's Acre but the three peculiars act as though they aren't afraid and nothing can hurt them which disturbs me a lot because I fear for their lives even if they don't . UGH!

Jacob senses the presence of a hollowgast.... who attaches himself underneath their boat and oddly listens to Jacob telling it to defend against a couple of feeders in Fever Ditch.

OMG this is getting too much already! I hate Devil's Acre! I would never want to go there! What is wrong with them three?!!

~"Holy Chapter Three! It's 62 pages long! not too bad....a lot happened I can't even begin grrr. With every chapter my blood pressure rises. damn those pictures!" "

~I really liked chapter 4. It wasn't filled with scary but it did shed some light on a few lost subjects i.e: What loops were made for to begin with and how wights and hollows came to be. We are introduced to Mr. Bentham."

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