September 20, 2017

Book Blitz: Wicked for Hire by Lotta Smith

About the book

Sometimes, the opportunity of a lifetime busts your door instead of gently knocking at it...

Medical student Amanda Meyers thought she had her life all planned out until people started dying the moment they touched her. Being cleared of any wrongdoing didn’t stop the medical school from expelling her, and it didn’t rid her of the unfortunate nickname Grim Reaper. Luckily, having a rep as the harbinger of death isn’t a total resume killer. Rick Rowling, Special Agent for the FBI’s Paranormal Cases Division, recruits her to work for the Bureau. But the sexy, brilliant, outrageous loose cannon proves to be just as untouchable as the mysterious creature or creatures that may be responsible for the seemingly unsolvable murder that becomes their first case together. Instead of treating patients, Amanda’s life becomes a test of her patience and a wild ride into the wicked paranormal world where her new boss runs the show. Together they face a ghoulish force that could destroy the entire city and a grueling family dinner that could leave Amanda contemplating hara-kiri. It’s a battle of life and debt [student debt, that is] and saving the world has never been so funny. Wicked for Hire is part of the Paranormal in Manhattan Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries full of quirky characters and unexpected twists, you're gonna love this book. Buy Wicked for Hire and start solving your next mystery today!

Wicked for Hire has a Lotta potential.

The books cover illustrations are what attracted me to want to read it apart from the Urban/paranormal fantasy vibe. Wicked for Hire reminds me of the Jolie Wilkins and The Dulcie O'Neil series by H.P. Mallory, which I love.
For that alone, I am compelled to read the entire series! 

Admittedly, there is an air of mystery to Amanda Meyers, being the grim reaper. I may not know what it is like to be a med student, but I can understand the trial this girl underwent, being kicked out of school. I think Amanda is a great character and I like her a lot. Besides being funny, there is a shroud of supernatural where Amanda's family is concerned. For example her Nana. What is up with her? I think she's a Witch.

Meanwhile, Rick Rowling isn't exactly a smooth talker when he accuses Mandy of killing 3 people and claims she's the grim reaper. He is a mental case! He also believes vampires, werewolves, and zombies, are real.
What I do know is that Amanda and Rick are attracted to each other and...I am thrilled and happy to have had the opportunity to read it!

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Book Excerpt

After an hour of additional agony, dinner was over.
When Rowling thanked my folks and stood to leave, carrying leftovers, I followed him out the door, just to be polite. If I didn’t need to be polite, I’d have snatched the leftovers, curled up in the corner of my room, and drank my sorrows away with cold meatloaf and mashed potatoes on the side. It’s common knowledge that leftovers are the yummiest part of the dinner, and I didn’t like the fact that my brand new boss got them.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you about my dysfunctional family,” I said.
“Dysfunctional? Your family?” A corner of his mouth lifted. “After all, there was no bloodbath during the meal. You should see mine to get an idea of a dysfunctional family.” He didn’t seem to be kidding.
“Wow,” I replied.
“By the way, Mandy.” He looked me in the eye. “Do you want him dead?”
“Him? Who? What are you talking about?”
“Justin, your ex-fiancĂ©,” he said nonchalantly. “If you’d like, I can have him killed, make his death look like an entirely innocent accident. People often die in freak accidents, such as—”
“Too much information!” I covered my ears with my hands. “And no, thanks. You don’t need to have him…. You know what,” I added hurriedly. Okay, so technically, I often fantasized about my ex-fiancĂ© dropping dead by stumbling on the wet operation room floor and stabbing himself with the scalpel. Then again, it seemed like having Rick Rowling’s help in hiring a contract killer came with a huge price tag.
“Hmm, okay.” He nodded, loading the leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes on the passenger’s seat. “Remember, you can always change your mind.”
I thought a little, and said, “Thank you for the offer.”
“No prob.” He shrugged. “Hey, the doctor guy’s not worth your time.”
“What do you know about him?” I asked.
“He’s a self-centered, no right, arrogant asshole.”
“I know.” I chuckled.
“Also, he’s deep in debt up to his eyeballs following a screw-up in options trading. His desperate attempt to recover the loss by scoring big in Vegas completely backfired. Obviously, card counting isn’t one of his strong suits. Anyway, even his family has cut him off.”
“How do you know that?”
“Do you really want to know how I got the info?” He raised an eyebrow.
“No,” I replied. “I was just saying.”
For a brief moment, we fell silent.
“Thanks for dinner,” Rowling said finally.
When I was about to say “That was fun having you over,” he cupped my face and kissed me lightly. On. The. Lips.
I knew I could have resisted, and I should have, but I didn’t.
It was just a brush of a kiss, but still thick enough to make me want for more.
“Good night.” He climbed into the Ferrari and drove away.
“Good night.” I stood outside until the taillights faded into the evening.

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