October 8, 2019

Update on It Read-along

I'm not going to continue to read the book, I have decided because there are certain topics I don't agree with.
I've heard, the book hints to an orgy.
Did Beverly Marsh make all the Losers Club have sex with her?
Did Pennywise make her do it? 
Stephen King also tends to discriminate and/or make fun of certain types of people. I mean, for example, Karen Carpenter having anorexia. In Mr. Mercedes she was made fun of and I thought it was very rude and disrespectful to talk about her that way. I'm also sick of bullying. That shit needs to stop! So does domestic violence. It's awful and it triggers those who have been abused and have seen children get slammed up against a wall and thrown across the room! Just like Richard Macklin with his two stepsons Eddie Corcoran and Dorsey.
Jeez, Louise how can you write about it and not be affected? So Stephen King, what makes you any different than Macklin or Henry Bowers and the insanely fucked murdering monsters you write about?  Hate and horror are definitely two peas in the same pod.
I've given Stephen King a fair trial because I've read many of his books. I've also come to realize that the author may not understand women all that much nor can he do romance well. Just saying.

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