September 30, 2009

The Day of the LORD

LISTEN HERE to Vassula speaking about the DAY of the LORD

For those who don't know who Vassula is , she is Greek Orthodox , married to a Lutheran, with two children, and currently resides in Switzerland I think.

She holds an office of a prophet, in the church, and she is a mystic . She is obedient to the Pope , yes . She has to in following Jesus as all the other saints did when it came to church matters .
I had the pleasure of meeting her when she came to Calgary to give a talk .

Here I am with her, and my friend Colleen Yeh.

Press release regarding the True Life in God messages.

Vassula Ryden is Greek, born in Egypt and belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church. Mother of 2 sons and wife of a Swedish foreign air worker, she lived most of her life in Third World countries. She did not practice her faith, but was busy with the chores of life, worked as a painter and played tennis on the level of national competitions.
In 1985, while living in Bangladesh, Vassula experienced the first vision of her Guardian Angel Daniel, and later after a purification and spiritual growth, she was called by God to serve Him, by transmitting His divine words to people all over the world.
Vassula receives these inspirations through the form of locutions and through interior visions. After her Angel Daniel prepared her for this ministry, Vassula has been called since 1986 to write down True Life in God messages given to her by the Father, by Jesus the Holy Spirit, the Holy Mother, Archangels and Saints.
Vassula writes down the messages which she receives in a stately handwriting, quite different from her own. She hears an interior voice first, then, as she writes down the message, her handwriting changes.
Since 1988, Vassula has been invited to speak in over 60 countries and has given over 800 presentations. Before coming to the UK now in 2008, she will be speaking in India and China. Vassula receives no fees or personal material benefits for her efforts. The Lord said to her: I have given you freely, so freely give too (August 20, 1987).
Christian Churches have always recognized the existence of private revelation through which God speaks directly to souls endowed with a special charism. This type of revelations continues through writings given in our own day. Amongst these is True Life in God from Vassula Ryden, the publication of which began in 1990.
God asked Vassula to call these prophetic messages “True Life in God”; they are My gift to you all; they are to make you understand My Heart and how I stand by you always and everywhere; (September 10, 1992).
True Life in God is a call to all from the Holy Trinity. God asks for a greater repentance, reconciliation, peace, love and above all, the Unity of the Churches. orthodox! catholics! protestants! you all belong to Me! you are all One in My eyes! (October 27, 1987)
This work has been translated into many languages and given rise to a widespread readership. Vassula accomplishes her ministry by giving conferences and holding meetings all over the world and meeting Church leaders. ♥ ♥

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