June 12, 2010

Aggie Catholics: Cohabitation May Be An Impediment To A Valid Marriage


If it applies to you please read it . I recommend it to all those who wish to honestly take a look at their messed up lives themselves, and sincerely mend their ways. Because it applies to me and to anyone who thinks they can take shortcuts and wonder why their relationships don't turn out as well as is expected.

I admit I am immature when it comes to love and relationships. My only responsibility as a single person is to keep my pants on . I speak from experience . Sex is overated .
Nothing or no one is worth losing heaven over.

I was married once by the Justice of the Peace and to a violent man . I do not want to make the same mistake twice , even though the person I am living with is way different than all the other guys I've slept with dated because he , whom I know , loves me, and will be hurt and devastated (we've had this conversation a million times ) and that is why it is difficult for me to leave him, not to mention I myself will probably cry and be hurt but I have tried to make him understand that we can't live together if we want to get married in the church , which I do, we will have to live apart for however long it takes us to grow in our faith and relationship . Yes it's all my fault!

Now that being said , why are you still surprised? I'm not the only one who has ever had premarital sex but if you knew how I felt right now , you would feel just as mortified.

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