June 10, 2010

A Common Word Between Us and You

A Common Word  was launched on October 13th 2007 as an open letter signed by 138 leading Muslim scholars and intellectuals to the leaders of the Christian Churches and denominations all over the world, including Pope Benedict XVI. In essence it proposed~ based on verses from the Holy Qur’an and the Holy Bible~that Islam and Christianity share at their core, the twin “golden” commandments of the paramount importance of loving God and loving our neighbor. Based on this joint common ground, it called for peace and harmony between Christians and Muslims worldwide.
You can read it in PDF format HERE

Video of Pope Benedict XVI's Speech at the King Hussein State Mosque in 2009

His strong German accent makes it difficult to understand 


  1. Thanks for the post. I ceertainly think there can be peace based on our common humanity and economic interests with cultural muslims. In the long haul, I do not think we will ever have peace with Muslims who truely believe and understand what Islam teaches. We can only hope for a stand off at best until Christ returns.

  2. Peace be with you :)

    Yes I agree that true Peace can only be through Jesus Christ and His second coming.


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