August 31, 2010

"because I never made a dime from MLM!"

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...I maxed out my credit card a while ago trying to earn multiple streams of internet income, all because I thought I could make money online lol. I read this book by Robert Allen and another book by Mark Yarnell and his wife. I wanted to work from home, and that started this whole great adventure. I also didn't like MLM's, and I got a computer about 7 years ago(that was a blessing in itself) to make money, boy does I have a lot to learn!!?

Have you ever tried email marketing? Multi-level marketing? It's not as easy as it sounds and if it sounds too good to be true it "really is too good to be true." Nothing worked for me, and I didn't have what those people who have built themselves a small empire had. You know the ones I'm talking about? They were the Dreambuilders of Amway Global Marketing (Quixtar or WWDB) and/or Excel Telecommunications. Those with tons of people in their downline.

I got involved with Amway, I was somebody's downline, buying their products, going to meetings. Heck, I even went all the way to Portland Oregan somehow because my upline's upline was generous enough to pay my way :) I was very grateful for that. I would have never been able to afford it.

BTW Excel isn't even in business anymore! :( It was just a waste of time and money.

I probably joined every internet money making opportunity scheme there was lol, and my email client blacklisted me for sending out too many emails. I loved using free emailers lol. I had lots to post. It was a blast, but again I never got much response.Trying to get people to sign up under you wasn't easy as I suspected, people have other things to do, and I suspect people are strange too.

I used spiderweb marketing, surf marketing, email blasts, affiliate marketing programs, Safelists, etc.... I never made a dime! In desperation, I followed what looked like a chain letter. You pay one person at the top of the list, 5 dollars, and then follow the instructions in that email by inserting your name at the bottom of the list and send it out to as many people as possible. Ya I made a website for that too, but I never got any results :( I was pretty disappointed with that actually. lol

As far as I know I never canceled any programs, (I just can't remember them) and you'd think with the time I put into it, the internets would be working for me now lol. You know .. residual income...? I have never received anything, anywhere, anytime.  I gave up and started a blog lol. Initially, my blog wasn't about religion :p

The last thing I joined was[note: it probably says it's unsafe :( ] This is a social networking site that supposedly makes you money and it's free to join. In other words, Yuwie pays you to get people to join. The more people you refer somehow gives you a better chance at getting paid. Never got a dime and I only have something like 6 referrals.
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