September 28, 2015

A Christmas Novella: Dec The Holls

Dec the Holls

Dec the Holls by Jasinda Wilder

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

A week before Christmas, and all through office not a soul is stirring, not even a mouse. Holly is working overtime, cold and lonely and broke. Across the hall, Declan is lonely too, and thinking this christmas is going to be a joke. Then one blustery night Holly’s car won’t start and Declan is there to help with a little love in his heart. Open this gift from bestselling author Jasinda Wilder to find out if a single mother of two can let herself fall in love with her sexy-as-hell workaholic boss.

Another sex fantasy. I mean you know she wants him, but she thinks he's too good for her. It's Christmas Eve, and Holly is working overtime again just to pay the bills. Declan is her boss who never paid much attention to Holly before until the day she forgot her purse in her office. He thinks why hadn't he noticed how beautiful she was before? Meanwhile, she is stranded outside in the cold, crying her eyes out because her car wouldn't start. She left her phone in her purse too. Coincidentally Declan sees a lone car in the parking lot from her office window and takes advantage of the situation and decides to go and help her cause you know he doesn't want to spend Christmas alone.  *rolls eyes*, To be honest, it's been a long time since I've read one of these. It has no chapters, and it was a treat.
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