January 24, 2015

The Queen of The Hill

Queen of The Hill by Genevieve Jack

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a series that hasn't gotten enough attention. It's a great story, but the ending to Queen of The Hill is not what I expected.

Grateful and Rick were about to get married and now that Rick has had his memories stolen by the wicked witch Tabetha, (yes, that's how it spelled) Grateful has to rebuild their relationship and win his love over again. How maddening is that!?

The fight between Tabetha and Grateful at the mansion was epic, and I look forward to the next book in the series because I want to know if they live HEA.

I like the set because all the bad guys get killed off while the good guys are winning. That's not to say they haven't had their share of dangerous circumstances. Grateful familiar is a snarky raven called Poe and Logan is her best friend who Grateful brought back to life. There is an assortment of other characters like vampires, werewolves, faeries, ogres, leprechauns and witches. Genevieve Jack is an excellent author.

About the Author

Genevieve Jack is a former registered nurse and author of weird, witty and wicked-hot paranormal romance for adults. Genevieve grew up in a suburb of Chicago and attended a high school rumored to be haunted. She loves old cemeteries and enjoys a good ghost tour. Genevieve specializes in original, cross-genre stories with surprising twists. She lives in central Illinois with her husband, two children, and a brittany named Riptide, who holds down her feet while she writes.
Her Website: http://www.genevievejack.com/


  1. I have not heard of this series or author before, but she sounds like one I would love! I will have to look for this and read it.

  2. Oh yes I hope you'll give it a go. I really enjoyed it but come to think of it, I need to read the last book in the series. 'Mother May I '


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