March 6, 2017

It's Monday! What Are you Reading?

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I finished two books for the March #TakeControlTBR challenge. 

Bitter Bite by Jennifer Estep and
Mortal Heart by Robin Lafever.
Bitter Bite (Elemental Assassin, #14)Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3)
Mortal Heart has been on my TBR for over a year, and I include it in the 2017 Series Ender Challenge as well. It was a great ending to the His Fair Assassin Trilogy.

Day 21 (The 100, #2)

I am currently reading Day 21 of The 100 by Kass Morgan

New in paperback-the sequel to New York Times bestseller The 100. Now a TV show on The CW!
I binged watched the hundred on Netflix, and I am addicted. I love the show! Since season 4 is airing segments each week, I have only the books to read in between episodes.

Here is my condensed summary of the TV version for The 100 Season 1.

Ninety-seven years after the destruction of planet Earth, the council of the Sky Crew sends 100 delinquent teens to Earth to test the survivability of the world. They discover Earth is survivable, but they rebel against the Arks elders. Some of them find the strength they never knew they had making heroes and warriors of themselves to save their people. 
John Murphy is banished by his friends and tortured by his enemies and is hated by everyone, but he comes back again and again. I love Clarke, but killing Finn, the one who loved her was not ok. It took me awhile to warm up to Bellamy as his decisions weren't the best for everyone only himself. Octavia falls in love with Lincoln, her kidnapper and grounder, and kind of goes off by herself and learns to fight and kill. I thought after all Octavia did for Lincoln, sacrificing himself was an ungrateful and terrible mistake when he gets shot in the head. This show has great characters with its twists and turns making it incredible. ex. King Roen of the Ice nation and Lexa Kom tricru. It was exciting to watch, and I miss them all so much. It hurts how badly I miss them. In the events that unfold, the Ark is running out of oxygen, and the rest of the sky crew make it to Earth but are unwelcome by all ground inhabitants. ex: mountain men, Tree people aka grounders, Reapers, and Ice Nation. The mountain men cannot go outside without a mask and uniform because the air is contaminated and poisonous to them. The Skaicru are subjected to many threats and people.

I plan to read either The Fate of the Tearling next or Truthwitch sorry I forgot I have Blood Vow by J.R.Ward to read first :p

Truthwitch (The Witchlands, #1) The Fate of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #3)Blood Vow (Black Dagger Legacy, #2)


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