July 18, 2013

TQOTD- Which book made you cry?

TQOTD is a meme hosted @ goodchoicereading

Which book or passage made you genuinely cry while reading it?

I genuinely cry if a movie is sad for some reason or another. Like in the Bollywood movie My Name is Khan. Great movie! I figure it's just a normal thing to do.

So when something sad happens to my favourite character I am touched to tears. It could be from an Urban Fantasy novel or Paranormal romance, or a crime detective novel. It does not matter. I like Atticus A LOT. I'd been reading The Iron Druid Chronicles for sometime, and in Hunted I cried :(

*Warning* Spoilers

It was soooo sad :( I had a good cry. Reading through the pages, after Atticus dies, Oberon's tail would never wag again. Granuaile and Oberon had to leave Atticus behind without a proper burial because the goddesses of the hunt, Artemis and Diana, were chasing them. Oberon refused to leave Atticus' side but when Granuaile called up the element, Atticus was buried in the dirt. *sob
 OMG! it broke my heart just thinking about Oberon and Granuaile losing him.

"Is he dead?" Oberon asked. A small black hole. No vital signs. That should have done it, but it was having to answer Oberon, saying it aloud, that broke me.
"Yes," I cried, my voice quavering. "He's gone. I can't do anything." And then we both howled............
For what else was there to do? CPR wouldn't help with a head wound. I couldn't make his heart beat if his brain wasn't fucking there. Druidry only gave me the power to heal, not resurrect. He'd died before he finished falling. - Chapter 10 pages 78,79 Hunted by Kevin Hearne

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