April 10, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Food

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This weeks topic: FOOD


I love food and because of that I struggle with my weight. I can eat more than anybody but lately I've been trying to lose weight by eating more raw food - incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables and nuts and seeds. 


I also enjoy sprouting seeds and I basically listen to the raw food gurus when it comes to soaking your nuts before you eat them. My favorite nuts are almonds and cashews. They come in handy when you need a low fat salad dressing. 


Although I've found beans as a good healthy alternative to meat, meat is still my number one choice for protein. The type of meat I eat consists of...: chicken, beef, hamburger, tuna, and sardines. That's it. Sardines are high in Omega-3's. Anyway I still eat rice and pasta cause that's how I roll . I prefer egg noodles and chow mein. 


I stay away from all packaged food except the frozen vegetables and fruit obviously. As long as the product is strictly corn, or green beans, or strawberries for example , than I'm good. Anything processed or that contain scientifical ingredients I avoid like the plague . Most GMO and artificial flavors are written in the  product and all these things can make you fat and/or cause cancer or some other health problem one way or another. 


I use a blender and a juicer and a spiral slicer or mandolin when I prepare food. I have a lemon squeezer that I love and a tea pot that I recently purchased because adding herbal tea to my diet can't be a bad thing. My tea of choice is Zhena's Gypsy Tea. I love making spaghetti noodles from zucchinis and eating spaghetti squash sometimes. 


NatureBox.com has a promotion deal going on right now where you can order a box of healthy snacks and get 50% off your order .  I'm a Shaytards fan and according to  them the snacks are really good so don't hesitate. It may be what you are looking for idk.

Ok well that's all for now folks! Thanks for listening.

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