May 22, 2019

The Iron Throne Was Ruined!

Game of Thrones S8: E6 'The Iron Throne'

There will be spoilers

My initial reaction to the final episode of Game of Thrones was extremely disappointing. IDK I felt that the show went downhill faster than a landslide. I swear, in large part, because it replaced logic, with something other than what was right. Did nothing feel right according to Dan and Dave Dumb and Dumber?
They made mistakes and ruined a great show IMO. There are no heroes in D&D's fantasy, only monsters and tyrants. Even the face of Arya as a killer almost makes the Night King look like a hero. I don't care if the cinematics were outstanding, it certainly wasn't the main reason for being a great show. I hate Greyworm for becoming such a brute killer, killing the Lannister soldiers and for taking Jon and Tyrion as prisoners. He should've died in the battle of Winterfell. I am not mad over Cersei and Jamie's death either. I never cared about Jamie fucking Lannister. There was no redeeming him or Cersei and now, Daenerys.

What about Bran ascending the throne? It's just laughable. Bran's story was that he became the Three-Eyed-Raven. Isn't that enough? That he had to be King as well, is just wrong IMO. He had a major story arc making him something other than human. He should have been an Oracle, not the King of The Iron Throne that doesn't exist anymore!??? WTF? 😖 I get that he is a keeper of memories sort of like the boy in The Giver by Lois Lowry, which is cool. I mean, Bran was cool enough that the Night King would spend his entire existence in the pursuit of killing him, so he could erase every single living memory. It still doesn't make much sense but whatevs. The Long Night was a short end to grumpkins and snarks aka White Walkers.
Daenerys' dragon burning the Iron Throne was cool, I mean, it made sense to take his anger out on the very reason that killed her instead of taking it out on Jon. Those swords melting were Valyrian steel baby! Screeeeeech!

I was also extremely disappointed with Jon's character assassination. That took the cake. Everything else didn't matter to me, 'burn them all' for all I care but do not touch my boy, Jon. Bran becoming King felt like a comedy. It was never that. Sure all the remaining characters are happy because they were paid well.

The one thing I relished which is surprising was the death of Daenerys. I wasn't even sad. It was my favourite scene. She wasn't thinking right after burning an entire city to the ground. Jon agonized over the choice he had to make, and in the end, it was the right thing to do. Her lust for power changed her and she snapped, probably because all those who loved her were dead and Jon's love wasn't enough. Why wasn't it enough? I mean she could have conceded to Jon being the one true and rightful heir to the Iron Throne and gave it up out of love for him, but NO!!! What madness!! Ruling together would have been a welcome sight! Just like in the Age of Heroes. When Jon catches her ogling over the iron throne, it felt like she forgot reality basically, like she didn't just burn down a city killing innocent lives. I must admit I do think her Mad like her father because there was no regret or remorse or guilt over what she did. She never thought about the repercussions or what her next move was, she should have at least listened to Jon, but she gave no indication of stopping her tyranny. Jon's advice about forgiving Tyrion and showing mercy to all who didn't want her to be queen didn't matter. Alas, she couldn't and would not do it.
I loved Jon Snow more than I did Daenerys and I was upset when he died in Season 5. Out of all the characters he was the better one so to even think of reducing him to a criminal is incomprehensible. He was so mishandled and I was so disappointed because Jon Snow was my favourite character and they butchered him! Fuck Fucking Fuckers! So for the murder of Daenerys Targaryen Jon had to appease one fucking unsully. Greyworm. Tyrion handled the matter by sending Jon back to the Wall! As if there is a place for him in the Night's Watch! Sam and Jon are the two last remaining members. The show delivers him to the Wildlings making it seem like he's the king in the north like Mance Rayder. Inconsistent much!? Anyway, I'm happy about Sansa becoming Queen of the North/Winterfell but the way it was executed and presented was incredibly shitty. Long may she reign!

This person pretty much sums it up like this:
Arya went West, Jon went North, Drogon went East and the show went South.
This video's perspective on the last season of Game of Thrones is basically how I see things.

In my biased opinion, this alternate end demonstrates coherence, a thousand times more than any other imagined ending. It illustrates Tyrion as the hand of the king, one dragon to rule them all,(3 dragons would have been fine too,  although I don't see Tyrion as Targaryen :/) Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen as King on the Iron Throne, Daenerys as his aunt/wife/queen/close second, whatever name she wants to be called, quite frankly.
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I am looking forward to the books ending.


  1. I'm such disapointed too... Will vote for a rewriting of the entire season!

    1. I saw that petition so I voted, however, it doesn't mean I don't love the actors. Sophie Turner(Sansa) needs to chill. She is calling those who signed the petition, ungrateful, disrespectful of the hard work everyone has put into making the show. I can imagine the work that went into making such a show but we also pay to watch it, and I was disappointed >.<

  2. I totally agree with so much of this, especially Bran. I was NOT here for King Bran after a season of him doing nothing but staring blankly.

    1. I know right? I guess Dan and Dave have a thing for cripples, bastard and broken things. I hate that Jamie pushed him out the window but Bran being King is not even close to being ok. It was more absurd.

  3. I hope the books have a happy ending! I didn't mind Daenerys going crazy. And I liked her Death scene too. I also didn't mind Jamie going back to Cersi in the end. No matter how he grew as a character his love for his sister never wavered and I thought it was in character! Great review :)

    1. Thanks, even though it wasn't as bright and positive as yours was, I agree with your assessments as well. Thanks for reading and visiting my blog!


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